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Link to a home-made roaster

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  • Link to a home-made roaster

    Found this link interesting -- a Canadian living in Korea built his "ugly" roaster with a leatherman and other very basic tools.


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    Re: Link to a home-made roaster

    His 1st version looks slightly similar to mine, cept the drum is different. Heat source is the same, which is something that is inexpensive and readily available, especially here in OZ.

    The burner is about 20 bucks, and the butane cans are about $6 for a pack of 4. One can gives you about 5-6 roasts. Ive found that you need to preheat the drum for a little bit before putting the beans in, else you have a bit of a wait for the entire roast. A perforated drum isnt the go with this particular heat source, as the heat is too concentrated. Best to go with a solid drum, but not too thick. Optimally, you want the drum to be about 2-3 cm above the top of the jets.

    Which reminds me, I need to raise my burner just a tad.


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      Re: Link to a home-made roaster

      Ive had a go at building a larger version of a popper- without success. I like the idea of a simple plug in device that utilizes hot air. Ive seen the plans via sweet marias to redo a popper to have greater control over the heating and fan controls- but I really wanted something bigger. I started with a milo tin and cut slits up the side like the bottom of popper. I then ripped apart an old fan heater and used the heating elements and fan to generate the wind!
      Dont try it guys- it doesnt work anyway because of technical stuff like the fan is the wrong sort for propelling beans- big volume but little pressure and its pressure more than volume we need.
      So its on the trash heap :-/

      So- standard popper for me... I did enjoy checking out the website though and to see a bloke having a go and succeeding... Maybe one day Ill try again