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aeroroast 2 , roaster

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  • aeroroast 2 , roaster


    Has anyone heard about this roaster before , it looks ideal for the homeroaster . It can do up to about a kilo at a time . Heres the link to the website , what do you think


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    Re: aeroroast 2 , roaster

    Interesting... theyre using halogen lamps as the heat source.

    I wouldnt have thought they could give anough heat, but obviously they do in this application.

    One issue with this unit "as is" would be that its designed for the 110V mains power of North America.


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      Re: aeroroast 2 , roaster

      Its a little electric rotisserie that they modify (I assume because the original elements dont produce enough heat) by putting a 500watt halogen in the door.

      You can by the rotisserie and the globe for a fraction of the asking cost... and in 240v!

      Halogen is a neat idea and in this case not a bad way of introducing an additional 500watt of light/heat just to get "over the hump".

      There are a few roasters using halogen as a heat source... but for even the smallest batches you need a few thousand watts and they dont like getting too hot... which can have its drawbacks.

      All in all a nice idea but.....