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Green Bean Coffee Roaster !

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  • Blacknosugar
    Re: Green Bean Coffee Roaster !

    Hi, this is my first post here !
    I am looking to open an espresso bar sometime in the future (no hurry) in NZ and have been looking at heaps of different options. I have a passion for coffee and would love to roast my own beans ! I contacted the Green Bean Machine people to find out a bit more about the roaster and I would love to hear if anyone is using it in their cafe and how they find it. from the demo I saw it seems quite loud, did you find that ? did you have roasting experience before you started using it ? What happened with coffee sales when you started using the roaster did they improve ? Any comments would be great as it is alot to invest, i may have to take a trip to oz to check it out !!

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  • doubleshotblack
    started a topic Green Bean Coffee Roaster !

    Green Bean Coffee Roaster !

    Hi Everyone,
    Im just wondering if anyone else has used a green bean coffee roaster in their cafe or restaurant. I used one myself for just over four years in my own cafe, and loved the concept.

    Id like to hear some feedback from other users