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BBQ Roaster - suggestions please

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  • BBQ Roaster - suggestions please

    Hi guys,

    Ive just moved into a new place and was lucky enough to pick up a new bbq in the process. Its an Everdure Norfolk 4 burner model, with a hood and inbuilt temp gauge, and a what looks like a hole for a rotiserie (but no handle etc).

    Just wondering how easy it would be to procure the drum, handle, anything else Id need, to be able to use it as a roaster... Seems a lot of the bbq options ive seen on here are home made, and I dont exactly have a sheet metal workshop in my backyard (nor a great deal of metalwork skills), so if anyone knows of good places to go looking for this kind of thing, and anything other tips on getting it all happening, Id appreciate it.

    Ive previously been using the IMEX CR-100, which is on its second life now... So id really like to get a beefier setup where I can throw some bigger batches in and have it handle them ok.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: BBQ Roaster - suggestions please

    Hmmm perforated stainless seems to be quite expensive but if you can get your hands on some you might be able to roll it and pop rivet (stainless) it all together. Stainless mixing bowl with the bottom cut out on one end and some sort of capping on the other... There is the Ron Kyle drum which would be ideal but a tad pricey after importing etc.
    Check out Ed Needhams site

    It was all a bit much for me so I built my own roaster  

    Much easier and cheaper... not   :


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      Re: BBQ Roaster - suggestions please

      I think that aluminium pipe would be suitable for a BBQ roasting drum, it is readily available and it has 3 advantages over stainless steel.
      1. Its cheaper.
      2. Its a lot easier to work with.
      3. It conducts heat better.
      You can get it from most metal suppliers shops, or for something a bit out of left field, check
      out a local motor bike repair or engineering shop, especially the ones that fix motor bike exhausts. They use aluminium pipe to re-skin the exhausts of bike mufflers. The repair shop may have off-cuts, or other small lengths. If you go to a metal supplier, you might have to buy the whole pipe, which from memory is usually 4-6 metres long.
      Hope this helps.


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        Re: BBQ Roaster - suggestions please

        Another page to look at (at least for ideas) is

        Some other things I have seen used as drums:
        A large Milo tin with x number of holes punched in it.
        A SS rubbish bin

        All stuff other than the drum can be sourced fairly easily.


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          Re: BBQ Roaster - suggestions please

          Thanks for the tips guys...

          What about mechanisms for turning the drum during roasting ? A few of the newer bbqs ive seen come with rotiseries with built in machanisms that turn the skewer by itself... which i guess is important unless you want to hand crank it for the length of the roast ??


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            Re: BBQ Roaster - suggestions please

            Personally, I use an old windscreen wiper motor connected to a battery charger. It is quite a high rpm, but certainly does the job for me.

            A mate gave me a spare he had floating around, but I think they are less than $20 from wreckers.

            There are also purpose built rotisserie motors, but some of them are only 3 rpm which is good for chicken, not so good for coffee.


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              Re: BBQ Roaster - suggestions please

              If the rotisserie motor is an ac/mains one, you need to increase the frequency to get it to turn faster. This is more expensive than having a dc motor, where you adjust the voltage for more rpms.


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                Re: BBQ Roaster - suggestions please

                Ive been using the standard 3rpm motor and had very consistant / even roasts,if you include 4 or more vanes within the drum, the beans are agitated quite well.......(and even get quite upset at being disturbed so much!) .......even the guru of bbq drum roasting Ron Kyle doesnt seem to exclude using these motors....... so for simplicity and ease of use they do work (and are good for chickens too!)