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"Corretto" - The Beginning

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  • Very nice. Can you post a pic of the inside showing the splitters and paddles, curious to see how it is setup.

    What batch size do you run on this?



    • Hi Artman
      The splitter is the perf panel, which just cuts off the corner below the gun port, giving a little gap for around 1/2 the airflow to get down into the bean mass. The paddle extender is just pop riveted to the paddle to give a little extra height. Hopefully you can see that a little in the last pic.
      I'm usually running 750g batches with this setup, and it handles it pretty easily


      • I think I know what you mean. So the heat gun air doesn't directly hit the bean mass?

        I have a double paddle BM and do a quarter of a CS bag of green, 625g which ends up as ~500g roasted.



        • Some of the airflow goes straight onto the top of the bean mass, but half is directed down and out into the lower part of the bean mass via the holes. It also acts to produce more 'radiant' heat, as the splitter itself would warm up being directly in the airflow. I'm not sure on amounts, but I could certainly taste the difference when I installed my first variation

          Here are a pic of Mk1 and looking into the current chimney, and the finished project …

          Cheers Matt

          Click image for larger version

Name:	DBC-splitter-paddle-extension.jpg
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Name:	DBC-Coretto-Entry-Port-Jun15IMG_0011.jpg
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Name:	DBC-Corretto-Complete-Jun15.jpg
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          • Ahhh that makes sense now. Interesting that the difference is noticeable, well done.



            • Not as amazing and custom as u/DesigningByCoffee, but this works pretty well.

              it's a Panasonic Bread Maker with a TGK heat gun - the heat gun has a digital display on the back that is temperature adjustable by 10 degree increments. Initial testing shows that it controls temperature pretty well (though haven't tried to compare the output air temp with a TC to see how accurate it actually is)

              I got a stainless steel travel mug from IGA for $7, ripped the base off it and installed it on the steel pan that came with it. The handle area doesn't seem to get too hot so should be ok despite being plastic, and is actually what I use to remove the lid. At the moment the cup is held in by friction, but I may look at some basic L brackets or something similar.

              Drilled a hole as an exhaust/viewing portal, which I may decide to fill with another one of these coffee mugs (but inverted so that the small end is facing down)

              Thermocouples are connected to a TC4, which I intend on perhaps automating with some PID later down the track - undecided at the moment.

              I have removed all the electronics within the breadmaker and the switch on the side now powers the agitator.
              I also removed all the teflon using a wire cup brush attachment on my drill - that was the most frustrating part of the job.

              Excuse the mess in the background!

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