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I have seen the light

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  • Sarg
    Re: I have seen the light

    Hey Bruce, Ray C has a good setup for a rotisserie oven if you search you might be able to find the post.


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  • Bruce
    started a topic I have seen the light

    I have seen the light

    Well Ive been away for a while guys and Im building another house so I will have another change of address soon, so I will probably keep a fairly low profile until then. In the meanwhile though you can count me a convert to the "Rotisserie Oven Roaster" mob... I bought a Sunbeam convection bake N grill, with rotisserie, made a drum out of a Milo tin and I am supprised how well it works. Really makes the POPPER seem like rubbish.

    I had to mod the rotisserie to "always on" so that I could select all whichever configuration of elements I wanted. I am still experimenting and I have had some disasters but Im getting better and the finished roast is far better than a Popper.

    I am experimenting with batch sizes now, it seems the amount you put into the drum has an effect of the time for the roast as well as the conststency of the roast so Im using a standard 1 cup measure as a uniform repeatable metric. Also I am setting the tempreature on the thermostat to the MAX because I imagine (please let me know if I am wrong) the thermostat most reliable and repeatable on this setting. I have also found that pre-heating the oven with the drum in place for 15 mins gives the most repeatable result.

    There are a lot of downsides to this method but for $45 I aint complaining.
    A lot of work still needs to be done. I need to find a way of getting the beans straight into the drum without opening and closing the door. I also need to find a way of getting the beans out quickly. There is enormous room for improvment with the "Rotisserie Oven Roaster" method as a means of roasting for those of us who have no hope of ever affording a HOTTOP.