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  • My Roasting Station

    Well I have begun the travels of building my own roasting station (Moding other stuff of course)

    I began with a Coretto Roaster
    Then I needed a bench or work station to keep everything together instead of assembling and disassembling everything each roast I did.  After seearching around I came across the idea of a small desk or computer station,  It had had to have shelves, drawers, and lots of potential and easy to modify.  I found a kids study desk at the Savlos for $20.

    I wend to the recycling centre at my local dump and bought bed castors (6 for $3)
    I also bought some Tee Nuts for the castors ($4)

    I attached a backing board to
    1. attach my digistal scale to and
    2. so I can pin up my roasting notes and
    3. Cause I thought it needed it. (thats really the only excuse I needed really)

    I bought a cool Digital Scale from Big W (less than $10) that you can fix to a wall,  It can fold up for storage out of the way to provide move bench space.  It is a 2kg scale (Ideal for my purposes)

    I thought of sticking the HG directly in the hole provided in the drill press (See Below) (I know it will probably heat the metal up on the drill press but I think it should still be OK.  I will obviously give it a test run before I start roasting.  If anyone has already tried this can you please comment (Good or Bad)

    Stage 1 Complete

    Stage 2 is to create a Bean Cooler that will go in the gap underneath the desk.  (Maybe a slide out tray with the bean coller on it.)  Not sure yet.

    Stage 3 is to maybe Pimp it up a little

    Stage 4 get stuck into some Roasting

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    Re: My Roasting Station

    Ive set up a humble little all weather roasting station for my gene in the backyard....


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      Re: My Roasting Station

      ROFL ;D ;D ;D


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        Re: My Roasting Station

        You attract a good sized crowd to a roast.


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          Re: My Roasting Station

          Im guessing the water feature in the front is used to wet process the beans


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            Re: My Roasting Station

            Looks good there Mr Goodies.

            Does it wobble much when the BM is in full swing?

            Love the idea of turning an old desk into a mobile roasting station :-)