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Roaster "Top 5 REQUIREMENTS"

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  • Roaster "Top 5 REQUIREMENTS"

    Ok, just for fun....(unless someone will actually take all these requests and make the machine!)...

    What are your top 5 requirements for a roaster?  I mean if you had unlimited funds and ordered the construction of a coffee roaster, what 5 things would you REQUIRE?

    Id require (in no particular order):
    - Fit on the counter
    - Just enough smoke to be able to smell the coffee!
    - Capable of any amount up to ~2.5 Kilos
    - Electric powered
    - Must also cool the beans

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    Re: Roaster "Top 5 REQUIREMENTS"

    -big bag of green beans to roast!

    sorry had to


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      Re: Roaster "Top 5 REQUIREMENTS"

      1. Grow the Coffee
      2. Pick and Process the Coffee
      3. Roast the Coffee
      4. Grind the Coffee
      5. Make the Coffee

      Well you did say unlimited funds - lol


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        Re: Roaster "Top 5 REQUIREMENTS"

        I like your idea~~~And it should be on the top of the mountain~~So we can produce mountain top coffee ;D


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          Re: Roaster "Top 5 REQUIREMENTS"

          Some things Id like built into a custom roaster would be, apart from what youve already mentioned.
          - Programmable.
          - Good temperature regulation, probably with a PID.
          - Easy to clean, or self cleaning.
          - Use of a standard 10A powerpoint.
          - No smoke.
          When are you going to make me one Seedlings? ;D


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            Re: Roaster "Top 5 REQUIREMENTS"

            Well, I made ME one anyway!

            LINK CLICK HERE