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  • New from Sullos Labs :D

    Finally starting to get use of my right arm back, I managed to get trial runs of the new frankenroaster built from a hot air convection oven lid and my partners favorite frypan a windscreen wiper motor, paddle made from scrap metals, and a bloody determination to roast more then 120gms per batch in a popper!
    First test batch was done with brasil monte alegro 250gms and took 12 mins to roast to just into second crack, second to start testing upper limits was at 400grms eithiopian limu.
    Paddle mech handled the 400 grams easily and I think I can push it to about 600700grms per roast!
    Man am I excited and happy
    Pictures here

    movies if i got it right at

    So far the two test roasts look and smell great still some work to do with regards to chaff removal but its getting there and I can finaly roast larger batches!!!


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    Re: New from Sullos Labs

    Should we call this device a Frypanstein?


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      Re: New from Sullos Labs

      umm maybe "Frypandenstein"!
      An here was me looking for a saucepan to mangulate to the right size then she who has great ideas said what about that flat fry pan I use all the time? Brings it out and presto PERFECT size to match the heat lid doodat. I had to replace her frypan with a new one so all up this device cost me 60 buck, oven thingy included!
      Not bad for a 600 gram roaster!
      Tiger mountain roasted beautifully!
      Now I have to wait and consume al this so I can start again but with around 200-250 grams per day being chewed here it wont take long

      You thought Big Kev got excited? I leave him for dead with this new toy


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        Re: New from Sullos Labs

        more photos of the roasts!
        anyone want some coffee so I can keep roasting?? :-/

        this is so much fun and has renewed my roasting experience!


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          Re: New from Sullos Labs

          Hi Sullo

          I dont want to burst your bubble but the last two pics in particular seem to show a large variation in colour. There also seems to be quite a bit of chaf clinging to the beans.

          Whats going on here?


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            Re: New from Sullos Labs

            bubble unburstable :P
            yeah chaff was still in the mix esp with the limu, it was a new bean so Im going to cremate that one a bit longer sometime today, as with popper I have some learning to do with roast times etc, the tiger mountain turned out superduper thou.
            Im going o mangulate the frypandenstein later today with a chaff ejection port which should do the job better then the odd raising of the lid and letting it fly everywhere
            Also the tiger mountain worked better when pan was hotter, other batches were from cold and took at least 6mins to get to around 200C so today experiements will involve preheating which also made my popper roasts better too.
            My work is never done


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              Re: New from Sullos Labs

              Excellent work there Sullo,

              I think Ive seen a fairly well thought out chaff exhaust system on a similar roasting method. It has been posted here on CS so someone might remember what it was called and where it is.

              The MA roast looks terrific, Im sure thats going to be beautiful in the cup mate. With the Limu especially, it can be a very uneven roaster but even so, so long as you know all the beans have been through 1st-Crack and progressed along to at least the first few snaps of 2nd-Crack, then the flavour in the cup should still be very good.

              Its not an easy bean to roast though, best results are usually obtained by a gentle continuous ramp-up in temperature right up to the point where Rolling 2nd Crack just starts and then pull and cool the beans immediately. I know everyones different but for me, the best roasts of Limu have been quite long prior to pulling and cooling, usually more than 22 minutes and up to 24 minutes in the Corretto. The roasts end up a lot more evenly coloured and the beans nice and plump. This seems to retain most of the beans spicy character and background fruit notes plus the onset of a really nice and enjoyable bitter-sweet dark chocolate.

              Anyway mate, youre doing great from where I sit and with a bit of practice as you get to know the idiosyncrasies of your new roaster everything will start coming together really well. All the best and keep us posted,



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                Re: New from Sullos Labs

                Sullo, $60 all up?

                Aldi are selling the heat lid doodads this week for $60 new.

                So you got it 2nd hand then?

                I thought about it but wasnt sure if it would crank out enough heat.
                The frypan though is a great idea as it lower the heat source closer to the bean mass.
                I was also worried about chaff removal so keep us posted as to how this all pans out (pun intended).


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                  Re: New from Sullos Labs

                  nope they are 49 and the replacement frypan 9.50
                  Im still working on the chaff ejection wil post when finalised.

                  Mal, working in the paddle it looks ugly as hell but it works great, lots of adjust swearing adjusting. The method was to spray paint 250grams of old beans in 50 gram lots in different colours, put them in the pan and switched on in their seperate colours, it was about 4 rotations before all beans were mixed so Im pretty sure that Ive got that bit sussed out.
                  Chaff is more problematic as Im trialling a way so I dont loose too much heat and remove the chaff that tends to get sucked up into the turbo blower doodat.
                  But working all these things out is half the fun..

                  And why? Cos I want something that roasts more then a gene or hottop which i was going to buy.


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                    Re: New from Sullos Labs

                    And its a lot more fun than working on anything that starts with 56xx or 58xx by a long way.
                    I look forward to seeing the finished monster..sorry roaster.



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                      Re: New from Sullos Labs

                      I thought about using a frypan once, but I decided it wasnt deep enough. Now I have a pot thats a bit too deep.

                      A turbo oven is a great heat source. The only downside is chaff removal, but that may be done with a small slit that chaff can exit, but beans cannot.


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                        Re: New from Sullos Labs

                        Ramking, lol you got that right!

                        Nunu I had same problem, I was using a cutdown stainless pedal bin and was cutting it down inch by inch, then along came the one that has great ideas and the frypan with its perfectly matching circumference and height came by,
                        now with some parts from the heatgun I melted recently Ive almost completed prototype catcher hope it works final testing when I get time.
                        Thanks for the interest guys



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                          Re: New from Sullos Labs

                          nice one sullo. convection oven goodness