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How to Sunbeam Bakehouse?

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  • How to Sunbeam Bakehouse?

    * Make / model .... Sunbeam Bakehouse

    * requires modding to run for sufficient time yes/no... Yes it does, simple to do but needs a sparky
    * max run time without mod..... 15 minutes

    Hi, how to do the mod? Ive moved the heat-sensor (which cut out jsut before raosting temp!!). Ha, tried cutting it out, but then it would not work! Reconnected and moved it away! Am finding both the 15 min stir a prob and the paddle rotating in opposite directions a pain.

    Can you give details of the mod? (Im not a sparky, but fool around with a soldering iron ...) I can ask a sparky to do a favour!

    cheers, Michael

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    Re: Re: Information/Reviews of Bread-makers


    The modification is quite complex as it is a bi-directional capacitor run motor.

    The capacitor is on one printed circuit board.... the electronics for the bi-directional switching is on the microprocessor board.....

    The whole thing has to be rewired.... and whilst it would not be hard for an electrician who is experienced with motors..... it isnt the sort of thing that the average "home electrician" can do....

    And it cant be used as a breadmaker after the mod - unlike most others.

    I think it is one of the hardest BMs to mod.