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Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the answer?

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  • Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the answer?

    Just squeezed that into the subject space

    My Crazy Popper has gone for 9months and now instead of trying to slow it down, I have to try keep it warm to speed it up. Longest for a thorough 1st crack has been 1hr now. It sounds more mechanically noisy than the sweet original.

    I was searching last night for rotisserie setups, but didnt find a simple answer, and we dont have the store Aldi here, so Im looking for a cheap source in Perth, competing with $27 popper is tough

    PS: The popper/Presso/EM0480 (home) and Presso/EM0450 (work) setup has worked very well for me.

    PPS: I did read up microwave roasting

    PPPS: I also considered converting an old pushy into a pedal power generation for exercising while indoor rotisserie roasting, fan blowing to keep me cool and blow the odours out

    A new popper is still out in front.

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    Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans

    Hey Stoveboy - the pedal power idea is ... er ... interesting! Maybe you could also rig it up to some sort of charger to generate light, & power the fan at the same time - could save a fortune on electricity! ;D

    Love to see pics when youve got it set up ...


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      Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans

      Apparently there is a gym in Sydney that runs their place from the treadmill/cycle power of the patrons.

      Ive just found the Breville benchtop convection oven which is larger than most (22L) runs both elements top and bottom in rotisserie mode (Sunbeam only top elements) and due to the size will be useful as a regular food convection oven, since our apartments freestanding oven/cooktop is not convection.

      Im going to check out the local retravision and have a look in person first, but Im feeling committed to rotisserie


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        Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans

        I started with a popper and it was great until it finally died so I decided to set up a Corretto, bread machine, heat gun, cooling fan etc...............cost me about $100 bucks to set up but can now roast 400-500g of beans at a time compared to 100g in popper and the roasts are a lot more even and easier to stretch out the roast times...........................


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          Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans

          In the "Innovations" Christmas catalogue there is a "stir Crazy" style popcorn popper. Youd need to add a springform baking tin, and a turbo oven, and youd be set.

          Ive found rotisserie motors are too slow for the job as stock.


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            Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans


            Interesting nunu, definitely another arrow to have in the quiver. For anyone not familiar with the device, here it is here.....



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              Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans

              Yeah if I had a void of tinker-material Id love to do a custom.

              I got mixed up between the larger 22L Breville (only top two elements on rotisserie), and the smaller 17L Sunbeam (all four top and bottom elements on). I bought the Breville and thought I better check the manual before I drove off... sure enough I was drawn to the larger size Breville and got it wrong. It does say 250+ on the Breville, but I thought with only half the elements on in Rotisserie mode it isnt going to be as responsive as the Sunbeam.

              From Good Guys both cash price $129, so just a swap over. Woman who got to the counter before me won a Jetstar mystery flight. Given their rep, I dont feel unlucky ;D

              Painless swap, I now have a Sunbeam BT6700.

              I was disappointed by the absent door seal on all of these benchtops. I went to the real ovens and some were even ordinary there, but the good ones set a good example of what a seal should be like. Added that to the mods list

              I read the thread post by D... which summed the setup as quiet, simple, can read a book, watch it, smell it etc. so seems to be a step up in the world from Crazy Popper.

              Oh the other instant benefit is the gf is cooking a small tray of lasagne, and from the info I have, if I get home early enough, well be able to christen the oven on that before I take to it with the beans

              Ill be aiming to not modify anything irreversibly so I keep the warranty.


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                Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans

                Just read through the manual SB..... Might have to come up with a means to prevent chaff from blocking the "Turbo Fan" vents in the panelling while running and from just a cursory perusal, you may have to modify the wiring to the elements as well since only the top elements operate when the rotisserie is in use. Im youll get it sorted though, dont forget to keep us in the loop with progress will you :? All the best,



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                  Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans

                  please no confuse! i no speaka da english!
                  or at least thats how it is starting to feel today! :-[

                  I read the manual for the Breville and it said top two elements in Rotisserie mode, not wanted.
                  I read the manual for the Sunbeam and it said top AND bottom elements in Rotisserie mode. That was online prior, and in the print version accompanying the display item.

                  re: chaff, I was thinking of murdering my plastic-rimmed fine mesh sieve/colander I use for cooling the beans out of the popper. I could rig part of that mesh to sit outside the convection fan ports. I may have to delicately open it up to see if there is a reversible simpler way to do it from the inside, out of the way.

                  I just remembered I have some exhaust header/connection rubber/silicon gasket type of material from my m/cs Rhodorseal 5661 (upto 300°C.. and I know it handles more too
                  Fire Resistance; flame and fire resistance without release of toxic or corrosive smoke or products.
                  This list and the others off the site others may find really useful for their DIY roast applications.

                  that handles much higher temps than this oven, and will be an easy fixture for the mesh internally and removable if any warranty issue.
                  Possibly even make my own improved door seal for it instead of scavenging off an old big oven.


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                    Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans

                    Save your poor sieve and go get some metal flyscreen.


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                      Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans

                      If I do that Ill have to get flywire for the actual flyscreens that need it, taking away from important new roasting learning curve... cant have that ;D

                      This thing looks way too nice as a convection oven, I dont know if I want to do anything else except baking lasagne forever.... Im sure that will change after I eat and thoughts focus back on ye almighty bean 8-)

                      Ive taken pictures with the phone Ill be able to transfer tomorrow at work and edit/update this post.

                      It definitely lights up all four elements top and bottom, and there is so much heat coming off the body "warning hot surface" I cant distinguish any bleeding past the door greater than the whole heat soak of the oven, so I wont be bothering with any door seal.

                      I cant believe Im so excited about a convection oven, big kev eat your heart out!


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                        Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans

                        Hi Stoveboy. Go the rotisserie. Make yourself a drum from an old milo tin and be prepared to butcher you oven. It works pretty well and doesnt cost much. I bought mine on ebay for $40 and I think this is about the right money to spend on this type of project. I look back back at the popper now and wonder how I did it.


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                          Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the ans

                          Well I killed a batch of decaf from my starter pack. Never had luck with them in the popper either

                          I tried my trusty Indian Monsooned Malabar and waited for the 2nd crack that I didnt hear... and convinced myself to be patient and all that smoke was because it was 400g contained rather than 120g blown out of the popper. Another bowl of char

                          We were out of coffee and desperate, the gf had Moccona first thing in the morning and was more patient than ever for this coffee, but was close to driving to the shops for one.

                          I pulled the next 400g at what sounded like a couple minutes after end of 1st crack, and got a very dark, but still brown, non-char roast

                          Straight after that the scones she had made went in to be baked, gf had whipped some cream, so I had a big mug double double-shots with jam and cream scones, turned out to be a great day... I even got started on the floor edging which has stalled for over a year!!!

                          Im making a new drum tonight with aluminium flywire for visibility like someone else did here instead of relying on sound alone. I think the top elements are larger diameter (hotter) so I may swap them around in the future if the new drum isnt faster.

                          edit: I paid $129 for my oven locally, the time Ive spent on the "habit" makes that seem negligible!


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                            Re: Popper dying slowly, Simple rotisserie the answer?

                            Update: I gave up the oven roasting as we didnt consume enough for quantity benefit, and the chaff just doesnt clear out like it does with a popper... so back to the 2nd popper for convenience. Still on the 2nd popper into 3rd year, got through winter without problem.

                            The bonus is the little oven is fantastic for convection efficiency and small size for any 1-2 tray task, so we use it often.