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Coming soon- The Wild West Gene vs Hottop Shootout

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  • Coming soon- The Wild West Gene vs Hottop Shootout

    Ladies and gentlemen..., unpack your hessian bags, fill your chambers and START YOUR ROASTERS!!

    OK maybe its not quite that dramatic, but JavaB and I are going to throw our roasters inside a white chalk circle (no black cats please) and see how well they perform. Im taking the opportunity of a visit to the west to have a look at a Hottop first-hand and compare its results with the Gene acquired for the purpose. I know its been done before but Im of the belief that you can only gain so much knowledge from online reviews after which you need to see them for yourself (and taste the results if possible) and decide whats best for you.

    Its sure to be an interesting little comparison! (Oh, and if you happen to be driving through suburban Perth next week and notice plumes of grey smoke, dont automatically assume its a house on fire! ;D)