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  • drum materials

    I am close to buying a 5 pound roaster with a stainless steel drum.
    Can anyone explain the pros and cons to a stainlees steel drum ?

    Thank you

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    Re: drum materials

    Hi Alex ! The term stainless steel is very broad. Oringanly steels that were 18% chromium and 8% nickel were classed as stainless steel, these were called 18-8 stainless it is now called 302 ,so unless you know what sort of stainless it is I would only be guessing to its mechanical properties, but the class 316L is the highest food grade. But not great for when heating and cooling.Perhaps the best grade available would be 310 or 321 these are what we use at work for heating elements


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      Re: drum materials

      Marty :

      Thank you for quick reply....very helpful.



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        Re: drum materials

        No worries best of luck with roaster


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          Re: drum materials

          At work we have 2 roasters....a 60 kg cast iron drum roaster and a 30 kg stainless steel drum roaster. Basically, what the roasters at work have noticed are:

          [*]Heat gradients within drum (some spots are hotter or cooler than others)...inconsistent heating.[*]Affected immediately by draughts going through the factory[*]Roasts can really run away from you.

          [*] Faster to heat up at beginning of shift (vs cast iron)[*] Faster to cool down at end of shift...and you dont have to wait as long to turn the roaster off to avoid warping the drum (vs cast iron)

          Hope this helps in your quest....