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Waiting for beans is traumatic!

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  • Waiting for beans is traumatic!

    Feeling like an expectant father, waiting for my first lot of green beans! Just hoping my setup will work ok. Not that Ive done anything different, just copied some of the fantastic ideas put forward on the site. Hey, realized why so many find the Ryobi HG to work so well- Ryobi: Roast Your Own Beans Instrument. No? Ok, its too early in da morning!

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    Re: Waiting for beans is traumatic!

    I know how you feel Rob, I usually get a little edgy with the expectation of collecting some new varieties to try out in Corretto, especially if the stash is getting fairly low!!
    Im really happy with my Roast Your Own Beans Instrument, Ive done 40 roasts so far and no problems, keep a fan trained on the body of the gun to disperse chaff and keep the gun body cool, good luck with your inaugural roast.