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Corretto kicks ass

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  • Corretto kicks ass

    OK, Ill admit it. After seeing the Reubsters Corretto in action today at the coffee festival, I am totally humbled.
    Reubster, "we are not worthy".

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    Re: Corretto kicks ass

    Thanks for the compliment Bruce,
    but really .......... all Correttos are awesome.

    The credit is really due to Belinda and the other snobbers like JavaB, Mal, etc who developed it.
    For those not at the CTB, there was a "Corretto Fact Sheet" on display acknowledging that it was conceived and developed by the Coffee Snobs community.

    I must say, the corretto did do a great job at CTB, I didnt count, but Id estimate we did well over 20 roasts, perhaps 8+Kgs and it ran pretty much back to back all day.

    The real beauty of it was that we "plucked" a few non-corretto users out of the crowd and they were all able to produce a pretty reasonable roast on it .......the very first time.

    After explaning the FC/SC concept, the Oohs and Ahhs from the crowd each time we hit FC were priceless.

    Unfortunately, the heat guns didnt fare as well.
    We didnt have external cooling so they tended to cut out very regularily.
    but FWIW, Andys Ryobi held up better than the Bosch.


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      Re: Corretto kicks ass

      Its great Corretto was such a hit, I went to a local coffee event at the weekend and a couple of coffee newbies were told that a couple of us home roasted, they were amazed when we told them about popcorn and Corretto bean roasting and they were going home to check out coffeesnobs and get more info. Good to hear the Ryobi stood up to the pressure, Ive done 40 roasts with mine now and still going strong!!


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        Re: Corretto kicks ass

        That Ryobi is nearly "vintage"... maybe 12+ years old and it was bought as a paint stripper (shock horror).

        8+ Kg wow. I should have taken a picture of the chaff around the stand went we packed-up.

        Between the Linda and I on the poppers, Leigh on the bowl and Reuben on the corretto we made a pile of chaff compost. I also heard that while I was off presenting the roasting sessions that Luca managed to get a whole pile of roasters all runnning at once

        Linda on the Gene Cafe and Bruce on the Hottop were far less messy with their advanced mess catch trays.


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          Re: Corretto kicks ass

          Wow, sounds like a great day!

          Any pictures of this event?