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  • Bread Maker Wiring

    Hi Everybody,

    I have been lurking here for the last couple of months and thought it was about time I started contributing. I have found so much useful information here, CG and HB its amazing.

    Anyway, i made a Corretto a few weeks back and i had some trouble finding information on how to do the wiring. I have done a little bit of this stuff before and knew at least how to keep it safe. I eventually worked it out on my own and after I actually did it I came across a very useful link that, had i have know about, would have helped me greatly.

    I am not going to put any info on what I did here as I am not sure it is appropriate. I thought however linking to another site that has information on this might be ok. If not, moderators please feel free to edit or delete this post. I just thought it may be useful for people that were in the same situation as me for reference.

    P.S. it goes without saying that you should not attempt to play with the wiring of any home appliance unless you REALLY know what you are doing.

    Here is the link.


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    Re: Bread Maker Wiring

    I went through the same thing last year building my BM roaster. I didnt even have to cut or crimp any wires - there were two wires that I plugged into a new switch and it was done.

    But this site is impossible to search on so I cant pull up the thread on it...

    edit: here tis:


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      Re: Bread Maker Wiring

      Hi Matt,

      I think i have stumbled on that post at some stage as well. Nice Job.

      I find the best way to search this site is to use google. Just go to google and type in your keywords and then

      e.g. keyword1 keyword2

      All the results will be from this site.



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        Re: Bread Maker Wiring

        thats what I did to find the post