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  • Bread Maker Criteria

    Hi All,

    Joined up a few days ago and keen on doing some home roasting. Have ordered my Green Bean Starter pack & Temp Meter. So upon checking my list its two items down & three to go.

    Im hoping on some advise on buying a bread maker. I have read a bit on the CS forum and it seems the most important criteria is that the paddle and spindle are made of metal and that the kneed cycle goes for a minimum of 20 minutes or so.

    Does anyone know whether the Breville Bakers Oven fits the bill?

    Thanks for all your advise. This forum is a one stop learning shop!

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    Re: Bread Maker Criteria

    Hi U4koffee and welcome to Coffeesnobs,

    If you havent already, take a look a the the thread below.  It is a review and information on Bread Machine.  Might find what you are after here.

    Also check the model number as some are different.

    This one is recommended