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what is "dosing by drop"???

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  • what is "dosing by drop"???

    I do need help..

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    Re: what is "dosing by drop"???

    Ive never heard of this term in roasting.

    Unless youre referring to dosing a portafilter/group could be one of the various names like

    dosing by eye
    manual dosing
    free dosing


    What these terms mean is all the same....basically grinding fresh and dosing until you have enough coffee in the handle. Professionals will dose like this for every handle they make. When training for competition, I try to keep this within 0.1 gram tolerance. Say my nominal dose is 18 grams for a double handle, I will try to keep it to 17.9 g to 18.1 grams to achieve consistency in pours.


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      Re: what is "dosing by drop"???

      Its a term used to describe the highly dodgy practice of allowing a dosing chamber to fill with coffee which is then left to go stale. The dosing mechanism is adjusted to "drop" the desired dose in 2 or 3 clicks for a double and 1 or 2 for a single- depending on basket size.

      Its also a message to CSers to go elsewhere. Where cafes dose by drop, I employ the barge pole near the espresso machine and drink water instead