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    Has anyone had any experience with the Green Bean Coffee Roaster? Im not sure of their pricing and although they are marketed as shop roasters, they appear to be sub-commercial (drum roaster) quality and possibly suitable for home roasting (?).

    Their web site is a bit skinny on specs but they make a 600 gm and 1.2 kg model, gas fired, programmable fluid bed type roaster, not too big at 670 to 720 mm tall. They appear to have a glass bean container with chaff collector and flue on top. No cooling system apparent.

    Does anyone have any experience with these or made any enquiries? Are they a viable alternative for home roasting?

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    Re: Green Bean

    Theyre an oversized popper Greg


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      Re: Green Bean

      One of their sales reps dropped into my shop one day.  Theyre not too cheap, and for the same price of the smaller model you can get at least a 1-2kg gas drum roaster.

      Dont get me wrong, but there are merits to fluid bed roasters on a larger scale. Wouldnt really compare it to a popper, as the base mechanism may be similar, but end result is far from the same.


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        Re: Green Bean

        Hmm... Yeah, the bottom half looks possibly commercial, but the top half looks like an i-roast!

        Originally posted by Wine_of_the_Bean link=1218598528/0#2 date=1218599361
        One of their sales reps dropped into my shop one day. Theyre not too cheap, and for the same price of the smaller model you can get at least a 1-2kg gas drum roaster.
        At that price, theyre definitely NOT a home roaster alternative! And from the look of them, not a commercial roaster alternative either. Must have a healthy marketing commission built in to the pricing.

        Wouldnt trade Dudley in for one then, Dennis? All the fast roast benefits of a popper, without the soup tin. ;D


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          Re: Green Bean

          Coincidentally Greg, had a call from a cafe operator in the Blue Mts last week who uses one of these, "from morning till dusk" and is in the process of upgrading to a Diedrich. I dont think Id want to swap - not in a gazillion years.

          These machines have a bit of a following on the northern beach cafes (must have been a good salesman in the area), though have never seen one actually operating in these establishments. I just wonder how much use they actually get.


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            Re: Green Bean

            A shop at Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills has one of these installed. She roasts about
            once a day and has a nice range of 250g packets of SOs and blends on the shelves.
            Seems pretty solid, and produces a quite good result (but its a long time since I
            had some so my views may be different now). The greens seem to come from
            the supplier of the machine, so I guess with the simplicity of operating the machine,
            its mainly aimed at people who want a sideline in coffee but not too worried about
            the finer points.

            I did look up the price a while ago, around $6K IIRC.


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              Re: Green Bean

              I think Swell down here in the gong have one set up... at least at their old shop I recall seeing something that looked similar, everything is out back now though. I used to get all my beans from there, and thought they were on par with the stuff from suspension espresso in newcastle (done on a diedrich I think).


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                Re: Green Bean

                I prefer that chocolate machine they have

                This chocolate machine also sounds similar in operation that Campos use in Fortitude Valley Brisbane



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                  Re: Green Bean

                  Site sponsor Veneziano has one in at First Pour in Bond St. It runs LPG for the heat and electricity (I assume 10amp) for the fan.

                  It does a great job as a "fluid-bed sample roaster" but at circa $6k you could get a nice drum that will roast 5 times the volume of beans.

                  Depends on what you are trying to do I guess.


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                    Re: Green Bean

                    some info on the Sonafresco Roaster (green bean) 600gr

                    we use one in our retail outlet
                    roast 50 - 60kg green bean per week

                    LPG gas heating with internal fan
                    roast time approx 10min
                    cool down app 6min or 35*c
                    electrical 400 watts

                    as with all air roasters you are controlled by the electronic switching of the heat, fan runs for the whole cycle

                    7. The Roasting Process (from user manual)
                    Once the start button is pushed, the roaster will start roasting automatically and the following will be observed
                    during the process:
                    • The blower will immediately turn on and the beans will bounce (fluidize) around in the roast chamber. The beans should appear to “swirl” or rotate around the roast chamber indicating that the beans are mixing properly.
                    • Approximately 5 seconds after the start button is pushed, a decimal point will come on in the lower right hand side of the LED display indicating the control is cycling the gas on.
                    • At approximately 15 seconds after start, the gas will ignite indicated by a slight “puff” sound and heat in the roast chamber.

                    The roaster is now automatically roasting the coffee and will continue to cycle the gas on/off approximately twelve times during the active roast cycle to gradually increase the bean temperature closer to the final roast level.

                    link to roast profile

                    as can be seen from the roast profile, if used correctly your final temp/ time is fixed

                    we do sometimes use it manually, shuting the gas of at a specific temp

                    the gas/heat shuts off just as fc starts

                    electronic sensor has short life appr 2mths = $200

                    small quantity 615gr green 510 roasted appr

                    you cannot roast as wide a variety of beans due to the chaff system, when using harrar horse dry processed, the chaff filter clogs so that the sensor (wich is located in the exhaust) doesnt get a true reading, causing over roasting if not careful

                    importer is not knowledgable on the unit

                    the benifits of this roaster is
                    any one can use it
                    i can talk to customers or do repairs
                    i am not stuck to the roaster (only sometimes)

                    we have purchased another one of these roaster, it is 7years old and will be rebuilt
                    it will have a modified sensor, we have had a new one made in the states
                    an external thermocouple to control the gas, giving us a wider range of hate settings
                    an external switch for the fan motor so we have more control over the cooldown period
                    modified chaff collector

                    i find this roaster consistent in roast and easy to use, but as with everything there is always some let down in design

                    when we first set the shop up 12 mths ago we looked at buying a new 3kg red deitrich with electronic control, but couldnt justify the $30k, needed to make it work for us, not against us time wise

                    we have been looking at buying a 3kg lately for roasting our larger batches, but keep comning back to the problem . when will i find the time.

                    sorry this is a bit rambled, but it is being written whilst doing repairs