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    Hey Guys,

    Im looking for some advice from anyone willing to give it.

    Ive designed and built most of a 3kg drum roaster. Im struggling a bit on the fan side of it. Ive found out that commercial roasters @ 2kg have a volume flow rate of 6.6M^3 per minute.

    Im doing this hole project on the cheap, and so far Ive spent $200 and that was on some stainless steel, some bearings and a few cogs...

    Does anyone have some good ideas on a fan? Im thinking it needs to be pretty heat resistant, also, is the 6.6metres cubed per minute for the roasting or just for the cooling in the commercial units?

    Thanks for any help in advance...


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    Re: Roaster Fan

    Not sure if one or two oven fans from a commercial fan forced oven would do it for you

    The other option is a steel blade fan powered by an external motor



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      Re: Roaster Fan

      Dude, this is very intriguing! Id be very interested in hearing how you went about making a drum roaster! Any more info?


      ps. sorry for ignoring your question - cant help there! - feel free to start a new thread answering mine!


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        Re: Roaster Fan

        Hey thanks so far...

        Ive started off with a stainless steel housing, and got a SS drum made up to hold 3 kg of green, going on the 1/3 full rule. Ive found a small motor, and used a chain drive to drive the drum with the motor mounted externally, Im (we) are still not sure wether to have the drum rotating or, have paddles inside the drum that rotate. Anyway, construction has sort of been put on hold for the moment, but I"ll get some photos up some time...


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          Re: Roaster Fan

          Id love to see some photos. Im also in planning stage of a drum roaster to do at least 1.2kgs (and probably will be for a long time yet!).

          I have no experience, and therefore dont take anything I say seriously!

          But to have any sort of high flow rate of air I imagine your heat source would have to be really good to keep up. I mean how long does an oven take to heat up, and moving that amount of air I dont think a normal oven could probably get much more than warm.

          Ive been thinking about the airflow a bit also, and was thinking that a sealed in burner (or 3), with a fan piped in from a short distance away should avoid heat problems. But as I say, no experience, so just my thoughts. I think the other factors here though are how the drum is designed to allow the air to flow through it, and how the drum vanes/rotation speed allow beans time in the moving air.


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            Re: Roaster Fan

            Why not use a heat gun? Provides heat source and fan.


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              Re: Roaster Fan


              try Rockby Electronics as a starting point for Fans also Oatley Electronics has a few I purchased a couple of these 3 speed units for another job a while ago

              As to heat resistance just make sure the fan is blowing not sucking Also you can buy heat resistant flexible ducting in a whole range of types and sizes so mount the fan near the floor so it draws cool air.

              I am with the rest more pics please