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My first Corretto roast

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  • My first Corretto roast

    Very pleased to have just completed my first roast in new corretto setup.  Very expensive kit consisting of Ryobi 1600W HG (on shelf unused for 10+ years, Fluke diital thermometer given to me by a mate about 5 years ago (I didnt ask questions), fan we havent been able to sell at 3 garage sales, thermocouple probe from CS $9.90 and the bagain of the century, $5.50 Kambrook breadmaker from the bay of not so evil in this case.

    320g of Brasil pulped naturals.  Reasonable ramp to first crack at 12.5min, then plateau to sc at 17.5min.  Pulled at 18.5min, cooled, photography attempts, weighed (275g) and bagged. ;D

    The amazing thing was that my wife was interested and even helped

    Now to wait a couple of days whilst on a golf weekend before tryng.

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    Re: My first Corretto roast

    Well done Krusty,

    Roast looks good and even, whatever happens after this point , keep wifey onside.

    Enjoy the corretto journey

    Cheers Greg


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      Re: My first Corretto roast

      Looks like an excellent roast

      First of many I hope



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        Re: My first Corretto roast

        Great low price entry into home roasting and the results look excellent... looking far better than I remember my 1st roasts.

        Good weight loss too, look forward to hearing how they tasted.


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          Re: My first Corretto roast

          Thanks for positive comments everyone. The process was made easier by the excel speadsheet provided by pcf1978, having some idea of where I was stopped me getting out of control. Training wheels will be on for a good while yet. Very pleased to say that they tasted great, not WOW great but really pleased. Only problem is Ive gone through them already. Next roast will be full 500g, for temp control and extended drinking window reasons. Love the Corretto