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Moved house - throw out Behmor history?

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  • Moved house - throw out Behmor history?

    So I recently moved house, and Im now thinking that the last 6 months of trial and error with my Behmor and patient note taking is all going to have been for nought!

    Did my first roast last week in the new place with the last of my Brazil Natural, and man, was it fast! In my last place I was preheating for 2 mins (with beans in) before doing a 1/P2/C, and on some beans would still struggle to get to the end of 1st crack before the power ramped up at the end. This time, Im hitting 1st crack well before the power ramp down, and rolled straight into 2nd crack, dumping about 1/2 way through the low power phase. I just assumed I stuffed something up along the way, weight, preheat, whatever.

    Then, I shaved my head with my clippers this morning, and low and behold, the thing is running like a dream, much better and ploughing through my mop.

    <Penny drops>

    So, does this sound like Im getting a different voltage here or something? The last place was around 5 years old, all the electrics nice and new, RCDs, etc. This new place is about 30 years old, no RCDs, old ceramic circuit breakers.

    Am I getting more voltage or something in this new place?

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    Re: Moved house - throw out Behmor history?


    Had a similar experience (sort of) when my sister in law picked up her new Behmor from here and took it home to Canberra.

    I gave her a guideline that works for us e.g. weight, 1, P2, B, and she was hitting first crack about 4 minutes earlier than us.

    She had to keep upping the weight of beans to get matching times.

    The only variable, electrickery...


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      Re: Moved house - throw out Behmor history?

      Remember Australia has a range of voltages.

      Not uncommon to find you have any thing from 220V to 250V

      Depends on your location (how close to teh substation and transformers) and the grid that your connected to and how progressive your Electrical authority is.

      Also remember, Length and QUALITY of any and all leads ( Note: This also includes your house wiring) can have an impact as to what reaches the unit your running.