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Can I roast nuts in my Behmor?

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  • Can I roast nuts in my Behmor?

    I have been roasting nuts in the oven recently: cashews and almonds. Fresh roasted nuts are way better than the ones you get in a shop usually... I roast in the oven- but turning the nuts is slightly tricky and getting an even roast a little hit and miss. Doesnt really matter... but:

    Can I roast them in my behmor instead?

    Has anyone tried, what were the results, and what is a good setting to use?

    I am concerned the heat will be too great: and I dont really like pulling my beans out of the Behmor before the cooling cycle is done. Fiddling around with the hot basket is not my idea of a good time. I generally time my roasts to finish in the cooling cycle and then leave the door open for the last 10 minutes. This works well for me- but I imagine with nuts they may get over-roasted?

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    Re: Can I roast nuts in my Behmor?

    You definitely can. Someone mentioned it in this thread:


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      Re: Can I roast nuts in my Behmor?

      I roasted a few batches of almonds in my Corretto with great results, just got to keep an eye on them!!
      The only downer was the oils from the nuts attracted ants > > > >


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        Re: Can I roast nuts in my Behmor?

        hmm ants eh? Nothing more annoying than an ant outbreak- they are fine as long as they stick to their patches- but when they decide to invade the house... > Problem is I cant abide killing them (they are so industrious I respect them too much to kill them). Usually I do  a pied piper trick and entice them out with sugar and such... Mosquitos ont he other hand meet with a far darker fate if they dare to buzz near my ear... for them I have no respect!

        any suggestions about nut quantities and behmor programs?

        I read on the thread above but it is soooo long... I found some info about roasting hazelnuts but that was it... I am too lazy to read it all.


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          Re: Can I roast nuts in my Behmor?

          When I did the hazelnuts in mine I used the 2nd longest P1 setting, which I had to cool before it was done

          I think from memory it was about 200gm of hazels that I roasted, they were done in a touch over 10 minutes

          Im not really sure how nuts shold be roasted and if they behave differently to a coffee bean, I figured one of the programs that gently ramps the temp up would be best

          When I do think about it, based on the only roast of beans ive done of this size the roasting time would be a touch shorter than the same weight in beans


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            Re: Can I roast nuts in my Behmor?

            I roast cashews in a Gene Cafe and they are superb.
            I roast mine for approx 10 minutes and dont exceed 160 degrees.

            The only issue I have (minor) is that the nuts release a fair bit of oil so I have to clean out the chamber after each roast.


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              I’m kicking over an old thread after roasting some almonds in the Behmor. They actually came out pretty good for a first try. Although the colour didn’t change too much, I might have taken them a little too far.

              250g Almonds

              about 15mins plus cool cycle.

              I’m definitely going to try that again.


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                Found this thread as I looked for some tips to roast some almonds in my Behmor.

                Just whipped off 270g of almonds on 200g roast setting. Just did P4 auto and let it run (prevented nanny error). Let the nuts cool in the drum with Behmor cool cycle. They even seemed to do something of a ‘crack’ at about 10-11mins.

                Taste pretty good!


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                  This sounds excellent. I'm going to try roasting some seeds and nuts for a oven is a little unreliable