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Behmor: incomplete maintenance procedure (update 3)

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  • Behmor: incomplete maintenance procedure (update 3)

    First, just a Philips head screwdriver was not enough: one of the 6 srews needed a Torx (approx T10) driver.
    Second, to get the right side off, it has to slide forwards first since there are tabs that can bend or break otherwise.

    After getting into the Behmor I was surprised to see how little dust/lint there was in the machine.  The exhaust channel was also quite clean.

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    Re: Behmor: incomplete maintenance procedure (update 3)

    I found the same thing with mine as well, the torx screw has now been filed in the drawer with the manual, pain in the arse damn thing

    I think sliding the panel was mentioned in the update that I read on the site

    Id probably put at least 20 or 30 kg through the thing and barely any dust in it at all and our house does get very dusty being near the beach