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Sunbeam Fresh Roast?

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  • Sunbeam Fresh Roast?

    Thought Id share this... Just stumbled upon it while surfing roasters on YouTube.. Looks very interesting!

    Whats everyones thoughts? Could this be a prototype for an up-coming Sunbeam product??? Or is it a Fake?

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    Re: Sunbeam Fresh Roast?

    Looks like a concept (some of those beans inside looked a bit photoshopped!) - or design school major project. But it was well done - either way!
    Now if only they added a few more sliders for airflow, heat input, cooling cycle… ;D



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      Re: Sunbeam Fresh Roast?

      I notice that this roaster is labled Sunbean not Sunbeam.



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        Re: Sunbeam Fresh Roast?

        The timer goers to 24 minutes! That is a ridiculously long time to roast coffee. Generally, around 18 minutes is at the upper end of the length of time. Around 12 to 15 minutes is more realistic.

        And "SunbeaN"? How long before SunbeaM files a lawsuit?
        They call it the "Fresh Roast." There is a "Fresh Roast" coffee roaster, (Google SR500).

        Either the person is a troll, or knows lots of lawyers and has lots of time and cash to spend in court.


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          Re: Sunbeam Fresh Roast?

          Design School Project.

          Three reasons suggest why I believe this is the case

          First, The deliberate obscuring of the sunbeam name, even though they use the same font.

          Second, Do you not think we would have heard about this unit before now from Sunbeam given that its a couple of years old on the youtubes

          Third, and most obvious of all, it doesnt match any of the "Cafe Series" design language that Sunbeam as a company has invested into, even though it uses that "branding"

          So yeah, It doesnt exist except as a render from a Design school student

          A pity, cos I would like to see what Sunbeam/Breville are capable of if they were to produce a coffee roaster