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  • My version of a corretto

    My breadmaker failed to make a proper loaf of bread the other day, so I instantly decided that it would be safer to use it as a coffee roaster. Safety for my family was, of course, my prime concern. I wasnt about to inflict sub-standard bread on them.

    "I thought you had a roaster", she said, referring to my earlier home-made drum roaster.

    "Well, yes", I replied, " but since the breadmaker is now UNSAFE for making food, its better that I use it for coffee roasting, rather than throw it out"

    "Isnt coffee a food too?" she said.


    Anyway, heres my new corretto-style roaster.

    It differs from others I have seen on this forum in the following ways:
    • The whole assembly is integrated on a baseplate
    • The heat gun is easily removable for doing other things
    • It has an insulated lid which keeps the exiting hot air away from the heat gun
    • It has a very cheap temp probe
    • I made it

    [media] s4CNfwMta5UayI75VS2a[/media]

    Ive used it a couple of times and make the following comments[list][*]The time between first crack and second is much more controllable than with the drum roaster. The drum really finishes in a rush, but I can control the temperature better on this.[*]I can do 300g of green beans quite happily. It will probably do more, but 300g is 5 or so days worth for me.[*]I use the breadmaker setting 4 - Rapid, All sizes as this starts agitating continuously after 2 minutes[*]The cupped result is very good.


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    Re: My version of a corretto

    Well done Gonzob.

    Isnt it great to have a better half who is receptive to your desires?

    Great set. I like your coretto cover with the temp gauge.

    Is the heat gun secured by anything else apart from the two pieces of wood applied by pressure?

    Great video!

    A while ago I was initially excited about getting a breadmaker to make home made bread before i realised together with many others that the results were unstisfactory.
    It sat in the cupboard for some time before i realised it can be used as to roast beans!

    So here we are, on one of our chapters of the coffee journey.

    Gary at G


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      Re: My version of a corretto

      Nice, well fitting lid.
      Your temp probe at least cant be forgotten to be pulled out before dumping the beans ( a cause of many probe breakages).


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        Re: My version of a corretto

        Heat gun mounting - yes its just clamped between the two pieces of wood. The upper attachment has a wingnut so that the pressure can be adjusted easily and a slot in the piece of wood so that you dont have to take the wingnut off to release the heat gun - you just swing the shorter piece of wood out of the way.

        Temp probe - I normally leave the probe attached to the lid, so that, as you say thundergod, it is removed before the basket is taken out. I just have to be careful when replacing the lid while the unit is operating, so I dont pretzel the probe with the agitator.