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Yirg in KKTO

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  • Yirg in KKTO

    Not sure if this is a fault or not, but Ive recently gotten myself a KKTO sorted out, and for the first attempt, I tried an Ethiopian Yirgachiff.

    However, Im not sure Ive gotten technique down right, Because I dont hear my Yirg go through First or second crack.

    Can someone advise as to what I might be doing wrong?

    Attached is photo finished roast. (400gm in KKTO @ 15 minutes total roast time, Preheated for 5 minutes beforehand, Set on 250 degrees for the full length of time) Beans seem smaller then what I was expecting.

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    Re: Yirg in KKTO

    Total roast time for the yerg @15min is not enough
    On this bean I would be looking at 13/15 min for first crack

    By the look of the picture you were on the starting edge of first crack