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IR12, Has Garanti or Probat? Whats your experience.....

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  • Fresh_Coffee
    Re: IR12, Has Garanti or Probat? Whats your experience.....

    Buy the best equipment you can afford.

    a) You are asking a commercial question in a mainly home use forum;

    b) Unless your respondents have experience on a variety of machines, their replies are not going to be much good to you eg someone that is happy roasting on brand X will say so. Someone that is happy roasting on brand Y will also say so. What does it mean?

    c) Decide on your budget and go from there.

    d) You really need to speak to people that are in the know, and with that in mind I can only recommend you speak to the importers agents for each machine you are interested in,  so that you can get to the bottom of the answers you seek. Ask them to refer you to their clients who are using the equipmrnt professionally, listen to their stories, and see if what they say and are experiencing and doing fits with your own idea.

    What this all means in the end, is get off the keyboard and go and talk to the people that really are doin it.

    Hope that helps, and goodluck.

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  • jjjjjk
    started a topic IR12, Has Garanti or Probat? Whats your experience.....

    IR12, Has Garanti or Probat? Whats your experience.....

    Looking for some feedback from roasters and their time roasting on some different models in AUS.

    I have been roasting on a 2kg Solar "Coffee-Tech" for the last few years and am ready to move up.

    Looking forward to a bit more control.

    I have a fond respect for the IR series and in the first few years of my espresso bar, purchased coffee roasted on a IR12. The bean appearance was always consistent and the 4 bean blend we worked on delivered a smooth chewy espresso with a nice round finish.

    Probats? People talk about Probats and I seem to hear a bit about different levels of air flow and how how that could contribute towards a bit of smokeyness. What is with that?

    Has Garanti? Well I dont know much about them and would like to know more. I know they are cheeper is that due to to a less quality drum, motors or controls.


    latte thanks.