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  • Help with 5kg Toper

    Hi everyone, I have been roasting on a 5kg toper for the last 5 years with great results, but have now moved my roaster to a new location. I am now having loads of trouble with really uneven roasts. Esp Guat and Sumatran. I seem to be getting some really under-roasted beans approx 15% and some really over roasted beans 5% and 80% just right ! We have put the gas system back to the way it was, bypassing the plumbed in gas I had installed. It is extremely cold here atm average 9degrees c during the day, so I am thinking moisture content. But I also think it may be uneven heat distribution. Not sure what to do. We have checked the drum level and thats all good. We have also recalibrated the probes as they were way out. But now all my temps I used to work with are all wrong. I can hear a bit of rubbing sound from the drum, so maybe need to adjust, could that be the cause of my problems? I also have a few almost non roasted beans coming out of the drum as late as 5 mins later as if they have been caught somewhere in the roaster. This is driving me crazy !!! I try to drop beans into roaster at 150 c drum temp slowing increasing temp so I get 1st crack at approx 11 min then leveling out to reach 2nd crack and finish at approx 15min roasting approx 3.5kg. I talked to someone today who suggested my drum maybe roatating too slowly and to check the rpm does anyone know what it should be for a 5kg toper? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Help with 5kg Toper

    1. Check your drum rotation in the correct direction. The paddles/shovels are designed to operate in a certain direction.

    2. Drum rubbing will not cause uneven roast. I have a much larger roaster (not Toper) that bangs very badly on every rotation - thats not causing it. The rubbing is probably the dilation allowances that are designed and built into every roaster - a small adjustment should fix it unless there has been damage in transit during the move.

    3. Moisture levels in the ambient environment will not cause the results you are experiencing - neither will temperature unless your roaster has insufficient energy output. I have been roasting all week below 9 degrees fine - the other night it was almost zero.

    4. Drum rotation speed has very little to do with your issues - rotation is simply agitation to minimize scorching and rpm between 40 and 65 rpm will suffice.

    5. If your roaster has been installed and commissioned (certified by your local state Energy Safe) there should be information either on the roaster plate or your certification papers that indicate the required gas pressure and burner BTU/hr (deemed the input Gross in KW - yes, gas is measured in KW). Your gas fitter should know how to match this. From the sounds of your timing, you seem to have adequate energy. basically - small blue tipped flames are good, wafty blue and yellow are not so good.

    6. I would tend to think you have a serious airflow issue, specifically the exhaust venting of the roasted particles. Restrictions caused by back-pressure cause uneven roast results.

    7. Trapped beans - that can be common on some Turkish roasters. If you have that symptom now, you need to check whether the drum has slipped on the axil and the stirrers are now too close to the rear of the drum.

    8. Check the air pathways inside the roaster - perhaps some crusty junk as dislodged in transit and is partially blocking an airway.

    I would suggest you engage a proper Type B certified gas fitter - not just a plumber or general gas fitter.


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      Re: Help with 5kg Toper

      It sounds like an  airflow issue. Have you changed your flue length, added a bend ? Changes like this have a large impact on the roaster.

      Have you changed from LPG to Natural or Vis Ver.?

      What Medal Bandit said.

      When I moved my 5kg roaster had similar issues.



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        Re: Help with 5kg Toper

        Sounds like roaster bronchitis to me as well

        Good luck!


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          Re: Help with 5kg Toper

          If you dont have a Toper agent in the country of your location (?), contact:

          They speak good english and are very helpful (or atleast I have always found them to be...)

          They will (I imagine) ask you to firstly, run through an itemised list of all things you have changed from the original set up to the next, and work through them one at a time.


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            Thank-you all for your replies, yes the flue is slightly shorter than before and has a different hat on it so maybe that is where i will start. I will send a e-mail to Toper thanks.


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              hi im also having issues with my 5kg toper sounds like yours is having air flow problems what amount of beans are u puting in 4.2 kgs is about max with the exaust flute fully open with your barrel temp at about 190c before u drop your grean beans in and should come down to about 115 c before bottoming..... re i have a question also im having trouble with flame cutting out for about 4 minuits after first crack happens getting close to second crack i know its the exaust preure sensor getting blocked up with fine husk particles could any one give me advice to this whats causing this


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                This thread is mighty old, some may not reply.

                About your flame cutting out, what temp are you reaching after first crack going into second crack? It might be that the flame is cutting out due to it reaching a temp set within the roaster for safety. I know my roasters (not Toper) has a cut off at 225 degree.




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                  Agree with coffeechris... check your overtemp setting, which you should be able to adjust. My (not a Toper) is set to 250ºC. You mentioned your pressure differential sensor... in my opinion, unlikely, as the roaster flame would not restart
                  without addressing the issue by cleaning the tubes. FYI ...The pressure differential also has a sensitivity governor inside the valve box which you can adjust. The whole pressure differential setup can also be bypassed on these roasters.


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                    gday chris thanks very much for ur advice but my roast comes out early second crack 199


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                      thank u all for ur advice but we will change the thermocouple this week its a bit of a process of ilimination though i will be looking at bypassing the pressure setup if this doesnt work cheers


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                        Originally posted by johnos View Post
                        gday chris thanks very much for ur advice but my roast comes out early second crack 199
                        First crack on Arabica is circa 196C and it's "built into the bean", if you are seeing 199 into second crack then your probe might be 5%-10% out which doesn't really matter except for when you are trying to compare to other people's temperatures.


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                          this is the third roaster ive worked on and all of them have different finishing temps i don't really think you can compare one to another we cleaned the temp probs a couple of weeks ago and the finishing temp came down quite a bit after that , but do understand what your saying but many things come into play with your finishing temp including bean density ,drop temp and weather you leave the cooling fan on through out the roast you will always find if you do that temp will finish 10 degrees higher just to mention a few influencing factors
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                            Hi Johnos, having recently commissioned a new 15kg roaster which had some hiccups of this nature, here's my short-list of focus areas to debug.

                            1. Air pressure switch, wind it out (loosen screw) to a less sensitive setting. The lower the better. They are fussy things, also caused me months of grief when previous roaster was commissioned. If this tripping due to sender tube being dirty, you would probably experience difficulty re-lighting flame and you should see a lack of a positive arming light on the air pressure switch timer circuit. On my previous machine, the sender tube would look dirty, blocked soon after cleaning but it did not affect the operation due to the low setting on pressure switch, so not a concern in that particular instance.
                            2. Over temp limit on the bean probe. Hopefully adjustable. Set it to 250 Celsius or so.
                            3. Exhaust over temp limit? No many machines have these but my new machine does and it was faulty, causing a lot of annoyance until replaced.

                            Those are the 2-3 key gas interlocks and should be the main debug priority.

                            Hope this helps.

                            Cheers, Anthony


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                              thanks anthony will try all these things really aprecciate the advice