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  • Which Roaster?

    I'm about to buy a 12 kg Roaster,does anyone have any experience with any Diedrich roasters?

    Are Probats overrated?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    There are some people here that have experience with small size Diedrich roasting plants and I suppose they may have PM'd you.

    Probat is not over rated, but there are other also very good european roasting plant manufacturers in addition to Probat. The actual problem with Probat (if you can call it that), is that relatively inexpert people have been vocally singing the praises of OLDER MODEL probat machines all over the place and building a reputation for probat that is based on their obsolete technology. If you listen to the waffle, you should be buying a 40 year old probat and reconditioning it up for yourself, and you would presumably then never buy a modern one???????????????????

    Dont listen to waffle perpetuated by people that arent professional coffee roasters. Contact the manufacturers or the manufacturers agents and get them to refer you to their clients and go and investigate them in person, listen, learn and ask plenty of questions. Ask about their available back up service as this is unbelievably important.

    Probats are european, excellent machines (regardless of BS), and therefore are priced accordingly.

    A tip. Dont buy other peoples clagged equipment or equipment that has been sitting around in pieces. Buy something that you can see and hear working, while it is still working.

    Hope that helps.
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