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Crazy Chinese Popper/ Roaster - anyone?

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  • Crazy Chinese Popper/ Roaster - anyone?

    Hi all,

    Well I was thinking about posting this up for quite some time now and finally got round to doing it. I have this Chinese popper/roaster
    machine that my Mum bought back from China many years ago (Yeah, don't even ask!), it's been hanging around in the shed and it's time
    for it to either be used, turned into scrap or some kind of strange garden ornament. If you've ever been to China you may have seen
    one used on the street but more likely heard it and ducked for cover, it's really LOUD!

    Now I'm not saying that it's designed for coffee, heck who knows if that would even work or what would happen as it's primary use is
    for popping corn, wheat, rice etc. That's right, home made Rice bubbles and puffed wheat. Now I thought if anybody was keen enough
    to try it out I'd probably find them here. So what you do with it is put it over a flame/fire or any kind and heat it up, there's
    a pressure gauge that lets you know when to let it "Pop" which you do by putting the front inside a large sack which is attached to
    something to stop it flying away and then kick/bang open the release at which point a small explosion occurs, the result of which
    is you have fresh puffed grains of your choosing. That sounds simple enough right, I mean, how hard can it be?

    Here's some in action:-
    Amazing popcorn cannon (China) - YouTube

    Looks safe enough, right? I'm in Adelaide, if you think it's worth a go please let me know. It's a little rusty but that's just surface and
    when bought it had been used/tested by the street guy quite a few times, however:
    Here's my disclaimer: I take NO responsibility for any loss or injury or divorce that may result from it's use OK :-)
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    Wow! that's one crazy popper. I'd say you'd get a lot of complaints from the neighbors. I suspect you wanted to put this as a "Pay it forward" Its definitely an interesting piece. which suburb are you in?


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      I love it!!! I want one of those! I could have SO much fun with the neighbors!!!

      Java "Wants to go BOOM!" phile
      Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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        Awesome! If you got your aim right you could roast & deliver in the same action! But no midnight roasting for you, or the neighbours will call the police :-)



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          Seems with my late night posting I forgot to add that I wasn't wanting to sell this or anything. If anybody thought they'd like to give it a go, this thing is unwieldy and weighs at least 15kg, cast iron. Feel free to PM me or leave message here, I'm in Stirling btw.


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            Originally posted by Javaphile View Post
            Java "Wants to go BOOM!" phile
            Jamie Wants Big Boom
            MythBusters big boom hits - YouTube


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              Nice area stirling. Would like to retire there someday. Well my wife saw the video and I can't have it...