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Any thoughts or information about this roaster

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  • Any thoughts or information about this roaster


    I have been looking at roasters over the past few months and came accross the one pictured below. I have no information about it. It is obviously pretty old, appears to have a single motor that runs the roasting chamber, cooling vanes and all airflow etc.

    I was told it is a 25kg roaster, however it looks more like a 5kg roaster. I was wondering if anyone has any information they could share about this roaster.

    I am probably going with a 2kg Has Garanti roaster, however I would still be interested in any information available about this one.


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    And some more pictures.
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      doesn't look like a 25kg to me, looks similar in size to a 5 maybe 10 at a guess?


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        This is an old greek roaster and either 5kg or 12kg and were very popular in the 70's - 80's


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          Thanks for the information. It certainly looks like it would make for a great restoration project. I don't know how easy it would be to repeat profiles etc, or how easy it would be to cater to different roast quantities.


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            My 3 dollars worth.

            Are you looking for a home project or something to do business with? If you want to do business, "restoration" is the last thing you want to get into, time consuming, would want something that is a going concern when you inspect, that can be set back up quickly after a change of location, or it will blow your budget.
            It will cost money to set up, spending to buy is not the end of it by a long shot. What is your budget?
            Afterburner? (more expense, more than the cost of the roaster I dare say).
            What quantities are you looking to roast.
            Judging from the size of the cooling tray it would probably be a 10 to 12 kilo batch and even if you run it down to a say, a 2 to 3 kilo batch size, it would be far too big for a home project-ista.
            And of course, if you are a home project-ista, how much coffee are you willing to "waste" in trying to work out how to best roast a 2 to 3 kilo batch in a 10 to 12 kilo machine?

            There will be more considerations but these are just the first few that came to mind.

            Hope that helps.
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              Thanks for the reply.

              That is really useful information. I have already decided to go with a newer roaster (2kg) as I am looking to start roasting for friends, with the intention of hoping to expand that customer base down the track. Part of the reason why I didn't go with this roaster is for the reasons you say. The amount of work to get it up to speed, and the very high chance of repairs required. Plus the unknown of roast control and figuring out how to roast different batch quantities.

              Thanks for the response. I feel a whole lot better about my decision.