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The BBM100 - The DIY Champion!

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  • The BBM100 - The DIY Champion!

    After having the touchpad on my Breville BBM 100 start to give up the ghost a few weeks ago, I looked to hardwiring in a switch for constant mixing. While it was all pretty daunting first up after viewing various threads (& just look at the birdsnest below!) having just completed the process, I will say that this machine must be the easiest DIY switch option around! No soldering, no removing capacitors, no complex work-arounds. The process was as follows:

    • Buy switch
    • Unplug two spade terminals from the touchpad PCB
    • Plug said terminals onto the switch
    • Remove touchpad PCB (this did require snipping two neutral wires)
    • Mount switch to touchpad cover
    • Roast! :-)

    Truly was plug & play. Works a treat.

    Special thanks goes to Mal for all his patience in talking me through the electrical specifics… much appreciated :-) While I do have some basic electronics knowledge through being an Industrial Arts teacher - the mains side kept me pretty cautious!

    And if you are looking for a great Corretto option - these machines (if you can find them 2nd hand) are a winner - and even brand new under $100!

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