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Coffee odour assessment

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  • Coffee odour assessment

    Hey People,

    I am trying to get a small roasting site running in Sydney cbd area and am hitting a bit of a wall with council in regards to odour assessment, they are asking for a consultant report or case study on coffee roasting odour emissions and management. I have already supplied details of our emission management plan, but they want more.

    Does anyone know of such a report or know of any case studies done on this?

    Any help appreciated.



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    how big yours machine? if just 5kg try

    Coffee Tech Avirnaki | Coffee Roasters



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      If you are purchasing a new roasting plant, your supplier will know how to help. As will the EPS, who know exactly what emissions occur, and they have rules on how you will need to handle them (the emissions). None of this is new and it shouldnt be new to your council either, who should already be all over this.

      If your supplier doesnt know, all you need to do is contact the EPS in your state but dont forget as soon as you do that they will be only too...... "happy to help...".


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        Hey Guys,

        Thanks for your help, we are just looking to run a 5kg roaster (this will more than cater to our projected sales), our proposed system is a Particle matter filter, two electrostatic filters (Rydair) and an odour neutralizer.

        Its a heritage building so it looks like an afterburner is out of question. I am meeting with the council next week to address odour assessment from coffee roasting inclusive of meteorological data, & impact assessment of local area.

        Will give our roaster suppler a call in regards to the EPS now, thanks for the heads up,