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  • Linux usb datalogger software

    I know there are a number of Linux users on the forum, and I think some of them are home roasters.

    For the last couple of years I have been using Andrew Tridgell's pyroast program (See and Index of /tridge/pyRoast) for recording the roast data from the USB Temperature Data logger.

    Andrew had developed this for power control, which I was not using, but I wanted to be able to record data such as the ambient temperature, and my heat settings, so although not in any way a programmer, but with some help and encouragement from my son who is a programmer, I have modified pyRoast to do this, and I thought I would post it in case anyone else might find it of interest and even possibly some value. The power control routines are still there, just commented out.

    It is functional, rather than pretty, as in this screenshot:
    Click image for larger version

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    The blue line and figures are the previous profile, the red the current one. I have taken the policy of prefixing heat settings with "@" and temperature observations with "#," which makes roast-to-roast comparisons easier.

    Here's the tarball: (had to use a .zip file as the forum software doesn't recognise tgz.)

    Usual usage, extract the archive into a directory, read the installation notes contained. Run with python

    I hope I haven't trodden on anyone's toes. This is entirely an unofficial project, and I'll try to help if I can.

    I've run it on Ubuntu 10.04, Mint 12 and Ubuntu 12.04, with actual roasting using an elderly Acer Laptop, but it should run on most current Linux systems with the appropriate dependencies.

    Use at your own risk, of course, but I doubt that your dogs or children are in danger.

    Have fun


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    Hi Russell

    This is really excellent. I had intended to modify Tridge's coffee roast software myself but I'm not good at any GUI stuff. I also didn't need the power level control features. Hence your version is interesting. Alas at present some dependencies prevent me upgrading to Python wihc as KDE4 (have only KDE3 as still on Debian Lenny). I'll try it on my much newer latop at work :-)

    Keen to get it going though as my coffee roasts database is an sqlite3 database and some bash scripts on Linux but I have to reboot to Windows to use the Java CS roast software.

    Best Regards


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      Thanks Mike,

      If you can get hold of it, the windows usb software version 2.21 will run in my Mint (and formerly Ubuntu 10.04), using Tridge's Datalogger.jar ( see the RawMeterReader.c file in pyroast)

      I just wanted to challenge the ageing brain with the python project. The java program seemed to be a bit more unreliable, also. I ran both it and together for a while.

      I probably have a copy of 2.21 if you want it. Something broke after that version and of course Andy's programmer had no incentive to chase Linux bugs.



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        Thanks a lot Russell,
        I am just looking for any linux base roasting software since I got a old acer too and thinking only use it for coffee roasting.
        Thanks a lot for your hard work.



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          For the few who are using the linux version, I've had a play with cosmetic changes in pyRoast.
          The background is now white, and active temperature trace red with loaded profile green. It also automatically saves the temperature to the message box and the tracing when you click a button.

          Please let me know if you run into problems. I've put a few points in the INSTALLATION notes if you don't like my colour choices.
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            Sorry to anyone who may have tried this. I had built it on my desktop, and actually tried to do a roast yesterday. Unfortunately I had left a "Simulate=True" flag on in I haven't had a chance to try it with the thermocouple, but it appears to be OK if that is set to "False." I hope to get the corrected file up in the next day or two.



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              OK I think this has fixed it.
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                Ahh... wow. this is what i was looking for! a "CS" type app that i can modify

                Nice work!