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Corretto Roaster with Green Bean Hopper

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  • Corretto Roaster with Green Bean Hopper

    Santa came early and Roastery got a xmas mod. A Green Bean Hopper.

    My Corretto has a cover has a sliding glass window which when open leaves a gap of 42mmx42mm.
    Ideal for a mod of some sort...So with 2 rainy and windy days got the tin snips and rivot gun out and added a Green Bean Hopper.

    Frivolous I know but it works a treat.

    Pull out the lock pin (safety feature to prevent premature loading) slide out lock tray and green beans fall into roast bucket.
    Once beans dropped bean hopper just lifts off until next time, leaving the viewing window as before.
    Balances quite well, rubber band will go, will no doubt think of something more complicated to replace it with.

    Green bean capacity: 600g (extendable).
    Mouth size internal: +- 35mm.
    Drop time 416g: +- 1.5seconds (gravity).
    Materials useds: Down pipe, rivots.
    Time to build: in excess 4 hours.

    happy roasting
    Click image for larger version

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    awesome! I really should get off my arse and make some improvements to mine, I'm always moaning about it.. heh, hopper is a great idea, makes it nice and easy to dump em in


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      What a classic!
      Good work :-)


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        Finished adding the final Bling and cosmetic touches to the Green Bean Hopper.

        And the Logo !!!

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Bean Hopper On and Off.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	Roastery Dec 2012.jpg
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        Last edited by sando; 11 December 2012, 05:10 PM. Reason: added logo


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          You've read the book....
          Now see the movie.....

          Green Bean Hopper - YouTube


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            I'm guessing you dont roast at night??? lol

            I'm more interested in a bean release system... Going to go check tomrrow on Down pipe sized.. Thinking it would make a perfect shoot out the back of the BM into my Cooler.. Will a sliding door on the basket with a long handle that comes out the top of the BM to pull/push on to slide the door open/closed. Watch this space.. lol


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              Hi all
              Bringing up an old post…

              With my current larger batch sizes requiring a good pre-heat, I have now developed my own tribute to Sando's awesome bean hopper.
              While not as hard wearing in the long run, it is cheap and easy to replace when it melts! (and I didn't have any downpipe close on hand…)

              In essence, I've drilled an additional entry port, lined with a small tin can (how useful are tin cans of all shapes and sizes! - I think this might have been bamboo shoots or water chestnuts?). I initially played with the idea of using a hopper that dumped in through the exhaust port, but the diameter was too small - it took 10secs plus for all beans to trickle through. So out with the trusty hole saw - now totalled from drilling two layers of fibro!

              The lid is a double walled stainless espresso cup, for a perfect fit - will hopefully insulate quite well, if not pressurising and blowing up in my face…

              Hopper is a 3L juice bottle, holds easily 3 times as many greens as my pan can take, and the gate is a wedge out of an ice-cream lid. Cutting the slots for the gate is the tricky bit - stanley knives are lethal and hard to control on this stuff - the best option was a timber saw / hacksaw - giving about a 2mm groove with good, safe control.

              Hoping the get another bottle soon to cut the top off - then I can invert the hopper into this second bottle so I can measure/fill the hopper straight off the scales - rather than having to transfer in from another bowl. The diameter of the bottle neck & port is perfect - once the gate is removed, this only takes about 3-4 secs to dump 700g into the pan.

              So - a hat raised to Sando on his inspired idea! We'll see how it all comes together next roast…

              And for those into wild weather - predicting snow over the weekend out in the beautiful Central West, and possibly the blue mountains too!

              Have a good one


              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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                woah... time for a sequel to your movie?

                full length feature if possible... not just a teaser


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                  Yeah - I can see it now …

                  30secs … BEANS DROP IN … 5mins … beans turning … 10mins … beans turning … 15mins … beans turning … 20mins … beans turning … 25mins … UNLOAD UNLOAD UNLOAD!!!!!!!!

                  The best short film ever!



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                    do your best Arnie impersonation and yell out "Get in the Hopper!"


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                      Pure Gold!

                      I like the set up Matt and yours Sando! All this forum research into roasting has got me's ina tinkering mood!



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                        Shot of the bean hopper with new 'precision loading hopper rest'…
                        I should now be able to measure out greens directly into the hopper on the scale, then transfer when required.

                        And if I'm doing a pre-roast blend - I might even get a nice 'coloured sand in the bottle' layered effect! New thread maybe - "Pre-roast Layered Green Bean Art?"

                        Cheers all

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	DBC-Corretto-Hopper-6.jpg
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