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  • Another Drum Roaster.

    Hello everyone, I am a thirteen year old boy and I love to roast my own coffee at home. I have been using a popcorn popper for a few months now and I have enjoyed the experience very much. I have been following your adventures for quite some time now on this forum. From your adventures and experience I have gained a huge amount of enthusiasm and inspiration. The problem is I am very low on knowledge, advice and experience but I would like to build a coffee drum roaster. I would like to have my coffee roaster obtaining features such as:
    • 1kg batch.
    • paint tin with perforated end that can handle about 1kg of beans.
    • funnel for dropping the beans.
    • sight glass and trier.
    • dump chute in the front.
    • oven fan to supply airflow through the drum.
    • cooling tray with something to stir the beans.
    • gas burners of some kind.
    • thermocouple with digital display.
    • chaff and smoke removal system.

    What I am really looking for though is any knowledge or advice that could be spared. I just thought that someone could put me on the right track. This project might be a lot more than I can handle with the tools I have but I would like to give it a go anyway. Besides if anyone is going help me through this project it would be you guys because I know you have a lot more experience in this area than I do. Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi stickybeak101,

    And you're how old?!!!! 8-D
    There are plenty of people who would love to be able to home build a drum roaster with all those features.
    In fact, all the features of a fully fledged commercially built unit, well, maybe with the exception of the paint tin ;-)
    There is a lot of machining and fabrication involved in a home project such as this, not to mention sourcing components.
    To get an idea of what's involved it would be handy to talk to a fabricating engineer, they will be able to explain the processes involved.
    The Snobbery is the home of the only 'built from scratch' roaster that I know, of the type you want to build and tho' it's a 10kg, the principles of the construction are the same.
    No paint tin tho'.

    In the meantime, check out some of the home made drum roasters on this site and have a yarn with some of these innovative and clever types
    about the challenges they have come up against.

    It might be an idea to start off with something a bit more simple but along the lines of a revolving drum, this way you might get
    a more complete understanding of what's involved and be able to think problems through and overcome them with the determination you have.
    You will also build up a skill base that will help you in everything that you do. Who knows, maybe in a few years time you will be
    the manufacturer of the best 1kg home drum roaster on the Aus market.

    Follow your dreams!!

    p.s. And don't forget Google!
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      You have some of the best grammar and punctuation that I've ever seen on a forum. Also, your post is really well formatted. Your parents and school are doing a good job

      The roaster, quite a bit of info around... sadly, after all the research, design, prototyping, it's cheaper to just buy a roaster.

      Mind you, where's the fun in that!? Have fun and be sure to keep us updated with your project!


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        Hello and welcome Stickybeak101,

        I am impressed!

        I built a BBQ roaster about 6 months ago and are very happy with the results, but i am 38 not 13,
        a bit of advice might be to get the basics going then start looking at extras like a sight glass, cooling tray with a stirrer, etc.

        I started with a perforated drum on a rotisserie and a cooling bucket setup, Once i started to understand what i needed, i started to improve on my current setup.
        I can do 1 kg in my roaster without much problems but choose to roast 500g, mainly because i like to keep my beans fresh.

        I have now made a cooling tray instead of a bucket which cools the beans a lot quicker than the bucket when doing +500g. (See Photos)
        and i have also done modifications to my roasting drum for extracting the beans quicker.

        I am still improving my setup and enjoying every minute of it!

        For ideas take a look at some of the following posts;
        "Upgraded BBQ Roaster."
        "A few questions for building a new roasting machine" (There are designs/Ideas here which might be what you are looking for.)
        "DIY Bean Cooler - Step By Step" (this has a lot of cooling bucket designs).

        there is nothing more satisfying than building something yourself on the cheap and then having the contraption Work.
        I wish you all the best and good luck!

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          Thank you everyone for the extra encouragement and thank you again for not telling me that this project is impossible because I have heard it a thousand times. I now realise that there is a lot of thought that will be needed to complete this project, however I will keep thinking and designing my dream roaster while following your fabulous projects.


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            Have a look at this design. Haven't tried it but it looks good.


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              Hey sticky brake
              well I have to admire your enthusiasm and what u are trying to achieve. Having just finished building a drum roaster from scratch I know how much is involved (lots) and I have my own machine shop! But keep working on it bro it's that sort of creative energy that will get u there in the end .
              I'm having problems uploading photos but when I sort it out there will be a good bunch of shots of the build process and how I went about it,thay may give u some inspiration


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                Yes please post some photos, I always love to see someone else's creative inventions.


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                  Thank you for the encouragement I am waiting eagerly for your photos.


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                    Originally posted by stickybeak101 View Post
                    Thank you for the encouragement I am waiting eagerly for your photos.
                    His photo's can be found in this thread:

                    Java "!" phile
                    Toys! I must have new toys!!!