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  • Popcorn Surprise

    Had my PID'd popper roasting inpendendently of my PC yesterday (first time), and 5 mins in, went to see if all was going smoothly.

    Boy, did I get a surprise to find my Yemeni coffee being accompanied by a single popped white kernel, just spinning around with the beans!
    On taste, it appeared to be corn

    As my popper has never been used to pop corn, I can only presume it's one of those strange things you find in green beans.

    There is a strange sense of irony in accidentally using something for it's intended purpose!

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    I find corn (popped and unpopped) in the cooling tray of the commercial roaster all the time from many different origins.

    I often scratched my head wondering why it was in with the beans then one day my South American broker told me.

    The pickers on the farms will use the same bags (often those woven white plastic bags) to pick corn, fruit, vegies and coffee depending on which picking season it is. Obviously the corn will work its way into the corners of the bags and work its way out on a following crop.

    So as a rule, if you find corn it was the crop prior to coffee in that region.

    Makes sense now why I find corn and why I find the white plastic strands in jute bags.


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      Well there you go, not so mysterious after all!

      The kernal must have been a lot smaller than we see here, as it was half the size of normal popcorn (compable to the size of the green beans I guess!).


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        Sure, it might have been small but I've also seen some (unpopped) that are the biggest ones I've ever seen and must have come from a lump of corn the size of a baseball bat.