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    I'm a home roasting enthusiast, and I use the Behmor 1600.
    I've found lately that I need to roast more frequently as I have some friends that rely on me supplying their coffee.
    So I think I need larger roaster.
    Can anyone suggest a larger roaster that does a great job. And maybe include some links to look up.
    Sorry if this subject has been covered a million times- haven't gone through old threads to see what's been said on the subject.

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    Coffee tech torrefatore. 2kg electric with manual control. Does a great job! See and speak to Mark, he is a great guy.
    Worth every cent I paid for it. No maintenance, great results, easy to control the roast. Thread on forum.


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      Hi Alex,

      It will really depend on how much you are willing to spend and what you are looking for. You can make a home roaster which is able to roast between 200-700 g each time for next to nothing. If however you are looking for something to roast over 1-2kg per batch you are looking at something that will cost anywhere from $1000 (if you are very lucky) to $12,000 and over depending on what you want.

      Hope to helps you to start with


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        Buying another, much more expensive roaster whose beneficiaries will be your friends seems to be a tad above and beyond the call of dutiful friendship.

        Maybe they can chip in and buy it for you for their enjoyment?


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          Unless you have endless cash, a simple well set up Corretto would serve you well. There is much info on here about them and many people willing to give you tips and ideas on how to make them work better.



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            To help some of my friends improve their coffee production I encouraged them to roast their own.