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  • Proaster THCR-01 Review

    The following is a review of a Proaster 1.5kg roaster (THCR01) I have had since late January.
    Reasons for purchasing:
    • I decided to use a small inheritance for something worthwhile before it got lost in the black hole of “just surviving”. I also wanted to get something that would be more of an asset than a total liability
    • My Hottop was starting to have some problems that were going to require some money to be spent anyhow. It had served me well however.
    • Using a Hottop to supply myself and a few friends was taking most of a day (elapsed time) just for a kilo or so due to its restrictions and due to the fact it is basically a domestic appliance.
    • I wanted to upgrade my skills to a gas fired roaster that was more industrial and more like the real thing.
    • The size still enabled me to use from home without worrying about emissions etc
    • And just because (Upgradeitis)

    My initial enquiry to Mark from Coffee Roasters Australia was if he had access to anything 2nd hand. He suggested I take a look at the Proaster, which he felt was superior to the HGs and even the American equipment such as Probatino and which would have been even more expensive. He has been to the factory in Korea, and said was very impressed by the engineering quality, where they used very up to date technology such as laser cutting etc.

    I have had it since late January.
    • Extremely solid and pretty heavy (~95Kg), although quite compact
    • Double walled steel drum (not stainless)
    • Runs a lot quieter than the old HT which surprised me
    • All the electrical and electronics appear to be high quality. (I’m no expert)
    • LPG Gas and std 10amp plug required
    • Mark was required to install a few extra safety features for gas compliance etc. (For QLD he was able to certify in his own workshop. I believe some states require it to be certified where it is to be installed). So I could pick it up myself and take it home (with difficulty due to weight).
    • Totally manual, so no auto profiles etc
    • The cooling tray does not have rotatating arms etc. Mark said they found it actually cools quicker without them (at least for a roaster of this size). Cooling is excellent, and much quicker than HT
    • Comes with a USB interface for both air & Roast temps, which can be used with software I downloaded from the electronic equipment supplier. (Autronics). It took some configuration and reading up but works well for tracking and manipulating the data afterwards. However it’s not designed specifically for roasting, so unable to add notations, flag events or follow profiles etc using software. I therefore also had a piggyback set of leads for the roasting temp so I could use the CS Monitor for that. I use both measurements, but possibly overkill.
    • Fantastic chaff collection especially compared to the HT
    • I thought it would take a lot of dumped beans to get me through the learning curve, but basically only dumped the 1st roast (Robusta anyway), and been improving ever since, although first few were not quite up to scratch but drinkable
    • Only required one call to Marks crew to work out an emergency override
    • So far the max I have roasted is 950g but currently mostly roasting 650g as it suits my requirements, so have not pushed its capabilities
    • Once I got the hang of the control found it really easy to use, much easier to control than the HT, and roast quality superior as well
    • Still getting the hang of back-to-back roasting, and what I need to allow it to cool to before the next batch. The air temp starts out lower, and still trying to manage the profile to suit
    • Larger loads meant I needed a de-stoner, especially after finding a nasty one which I could hear clanging around, so also made a home-made de-stoner. (Don’t want to ruin a friends grinder). I recently posted how I did that.
    • The difference between the Hottop and the Proaster is like chalk and cheese for me, which is a big relief after taking the plunge on such an investment. Some of the differences are no doubt just due to the fact I can roast larger batches, and therefore the smoothing effect that has on the profile etc. Being gas fired its much more responsive to heat setting changes, where with the HT I had to anticipate changes to allow the heating element to get up to speed. However I am finding I require less manipulation and end up with a much smoother profile and consistent end result. The airflow heat allows further fine tuning.
    • Very happy with the roaster, its performance and the outcomes

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    Nice setup Graham :-)


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      Green with envy


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        Roasted Output
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          Very nice looking roaster, thanks for the informative info on it also


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            Nice, Graham! Very nice!
            The roast looks to have a great finish, keep us posted on the results in the cup!
            After seeing the build quality and engineering on their double barrelled
            sample roaster I've flagged Proaster as a possible upgrade (from a 5 to 10 kg).
            Also in contention is the Joper, from Portugal but it's always nice to have two to choose from.
            Happy roasting on your new kit!!
            Thanks for your post.


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              hey Graham.would you mind sharing how much the roaster was? did you purchase direct or through coffee roasters australia? cheers


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                Originally posted by flosurdo View Post
                hey Graham.would you mind sharing how much the roaster was? did you purchase direct or through coffee roasters australia? cheers
                Hello flosurdo,

                A read of the OP provides the sourcing answers. Proasters are more expensive than Has Garanti. Think 5 figures and then some.


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                  Hi Flosurdo,

                  As TC mentioned, in my overview I explain that I purchased it through Mark at Coffee Roasters Australia. I'm not sure if you can get it directly from the Korean Factory, but after arriving it has to be modified & certified for Australian, and in my case QLD, gas safety regulations, not something I could/would attempt to undertake myself. I cannot really comment on the price difference btw HGs and Proasters, except that I believe TC is correct. At the time Mark did not have any suitably sized HGs, and the 2nd hand ones get snapped up pretty quickly. Price $12.8K.