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New project roasting using barb

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  • New project roasting using barb

    Hello everybody, after reading numerous post, I decided to convert my old gas barb to roasting beans.
    Here are my thoughts:
    1. buy a stainless steel drum from eBay
    2. install a dc motor with speed control for drum
    3. regulate temperature by PID control
    4. write a PLC program with touch screen and recipe capabilties to control temp, drum speed and time.
    **I have all the parts I need except for the drum.

    Please let me know what your comments are on this?? and pleeease take it easy on me, it's my 1st post!
    I'm open for all suggestions and recommendations.

    Thank You...TioPaeng

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    But where will you fit the shrimps then?


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      Welcome TioPaeng,

      If you purchase the drum of ebay, makes sure it has paddles or something inside to help mix the beans properly and is the size you need.

      I can give you a few lessons i have learnt along the way using a BBQ for roasting Beans.

      1. IF your gas BBQ has a hood and a temperature probe, use this to begin with and see what the air temperature inside is in regard to what your knobs are set at. You can control the temperature quite easy.

      2. Your D.C motor needs to be roughly @ 40 rpm, you don't need to speed control. I found that a normal spit motor rotates to slow and the beans don't turn out as they should. some people have used a modified windscreen wiper, i have used an automated curtain motor.

      3. PID control, might be a bit overboard but i am all for experimenting. if you can get HMI(touchscreen) recipe control to work let us know. i am always keen for new ideas, but try and make it as easy as you can at first.

      4. Document everything while roasting and start in small batches(250g), i have done this from the start, (advice from Andy!).
      after a while you will have no trouble.

      5. I used to preheat the BBQ before adding beans, i now add the beans from the start, it adds about 2-3min to the roast, but at least you wont scorch the beans.
      (done this twice, wont do it again)

      6. Finally, make sure you thoroughly clean last night salmon dinner from the BBQ before roasting! the smell comes out of the beans upon grinding and is most unexpected. ( done this twice, wont do it again).

      7. Learn from mistakes.

      Good luck and enjoy.



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        Thanks for the reply themurphs, I will consider all of the above and this barb is going to be dedicated for roasting coffee only..This project might take a while to complete but I will to take your advice to make it as easy as I can at first.Much appreciated,TioPaeng


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          nice post thanks for sharing


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            I just ordered a 2lb stainless steel drum from eBay and it does has 3 paddles inside.