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  • portable camping roaster

    I usually home roast with a coretto style setup. Wondering if anyone here has a better camping system.
    Recently went on a 9 day 4wd camping trip and wanted to take the opportunity to practice roasting on the road to prepare for a longer trip. Carried a couple of pre-roasted 250g bags, and some pre blended green coffee. So I assembled the following from a cheap Ebay pot. Its stainless, with a glass lid so I can see the beans roast. It had a single screw holding the handle in the centre. The base is about 3mm thick.
    The agitator is a piece of hardwood shaped to flip the beans a bit, The agitator pushes on to a scrap of bent 5mm stainless rod I found in the junk box, Which then pokes through the hole in the saucepan lid.
    Finally a slip joint, also in hardwood, allows an axis for the paddle to rotate about while roasting. Took about 15 minutes on the smeg cooker in the trailer.
    A couple of vise grips allow you to hold the axis and to spin the paddle. Leather gloves are useful as it gets hot near the stove. Rotate anticlockwise constantly while roasting at max heat.
    I had about 300g in (based on the one and a bit sealed bags I filled with the first roast which seemed a bit much. There were a couple of burned bits on the beans, probably from when I found some gloves.
    Pour the beans between a couple of pans hopefully in a bit of breeze to cool and blow away the chaff after they are done. The pre blended coffee in retrospect was a bad idea. I think you want a single mix to practice with a new roaster. If you want to blend, do it post roast.
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    I have taken a popper on holidays to supplement my coffee supplies.

    I must admit it is just simpler to make certain I take enough coffee with me.


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      I have to say - pure genius. I particularly like the colour coded vicegrips

      I've not needed to do this yet - our last longish trek had me roast just before leaving and a week before - so I had 21 days of beans to work with. *My* problem is when I get back home - the cupboard is bare and there is a short wait till the roasted gets ready!