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Hottop wont power up

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  • Hottop wont power up

    Hey crew, I have here a hottop which wont turn on. I've checked the hottup usa site for troubleshoot/repair guides and:

    checked with multimeter the element/fuseloop, OK (80ohm), chaff tray switch, ok. 240V at mainboard, yes.

    When I plug it in, nothing at all is happening...

    scratching my head now...

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    You may have seen this already ?

    Hottop Coffee Roaster Troubleshooting Guide

    Mentions a fuse on main board as well as fusible link. You mention you have checked the fusible loop but no mention of the fuse?


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      more diag... it seems one of the resistors on the mainboard became a little toasted. I replaced it with some help identifying the values from the au hottop distributor, but even with the replaced resistor, it's a no go. Makes sense, as a resistor that has failed usually means something else will fail along the way also.

      Probably going to have to look at a new mainboard :/