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my first Coretto roast

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  • my first Coretto roast

    My popper died so I took the advice of CS'ers in another thread who suggested I go Corretto.
    picked up a Sunbeam Quantum Smartbake for $30 off Gumtree
    got the Ozito Heat gun from Bunnings

    threw in some Colombian Supremo Popayan beans ...ended up with 200g brown so now sure how much that is in scales seem to be dead.

    no fan or multimeter just yet

    heat gun on high air and half temp for first 10 mins..then I ramped the heat up ...pretty unsure how close to hold gun but I've watched a few videos so just guessed...can see why a multi meter would be very handy.

    first crack at 11:13 till around 13.15
    put the air on low and heat down a bit

    by 18:31 beans looking a nice dark brown and I really didn't want them to get any browner so I stopped the roast before reaching 2nd crack.
    beans looking good...I'll report back in 2 days.

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    Not a bad sounding result for a first attempt! Well done!
    Looking forward to hearing your updates


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      Hi grapsta,

      sounds like good first attempt

      My Ozito gun and Remington bread maker just did their 100th roast today and still going strong,

      I roast 550g of greens at a time in mine, I find that a good amount and it fills a 500g bag nicely,

      Enjoy your corretto
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        Thanks ...yep one of the things I like about it is you can do much bigger roasts than in a popper ....although my last roast I did foolishly when I only had about 25 mins before having to go to work second crack at 19 mins so I stopped the roast anyway as beans nice and brown. ...but possibly under roasted and now I drink a large amount of sub-par coffee....although only slightly sub-par. It's all a learning curve .