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  • Heat gun needed

    What settings should I put heat gun at after first crack holding off buying a temp gauge for a few I'm unsure if I should turn either heat or air down to slow the time between cracks .
    I've roasted 4 lots of beans now ..and on 3 of them I stopped the roast as beans looked very I was worried I couldn't hear the 2nd crack anyway. I had turned heat and air down to half ( Ozito heatgun). I'm holding gun level with mouth of breadmaker and only shutting lid occasionally.

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    Hi Grapsta
    Without a temp guage, that is going to be a pretty difficult question to answer :-)
    I drop temperature just before 1C, and I drop it again at the end of rolling 1C - the aim being to keep the temp rate of rise between 1C & 2C to around 3-4deg/min, without stalling the roast at any stage.
    But without a temp guage, this'll be very hard to track. Achieving this often does not require much of a drop - I drop about 50° just before 1C and another 50 at the end of rolling 1C - this is fairly consistent, but how to measure that on your setup would be the challenge
    But another option is to raise the gun say 2cm at start of 1C, then another 2cm at the end rolling 1C. This might be a more gentle reduction than the adj HG dial…

    Good luck!
    (And add Andys DMM to the Chrissie list - well worth it!!)



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      Thanks Matt ....that is a help - and I'm definitely planning to get that DMM and before christmas too .