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Hottop B or P?

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  • Hottop B or P?

    Hi CSers

    Long time lurker - finally my first post! Anyway....

    I've decided to get back into roasting. My previous roasting experience was on a corretto, so I feel I have the very basics down at least (heat, time, cracks, etc.).

    I've done a lot of reading, and currently 99% sold on a Hottop - but the difference in the two models is killing me!

    What do you think of your B (B-2K)? Does anyone have any experiences with the P (P-2K)? Any advice would be great!

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    I'm interested in the answer as well. I have been trying to decide.


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      No experience with P.
      I would recommend B. I have since upgraded to a coffee tech 2kg torrefatore and feel the knowledge transferred over easily. My thoughts are that B would let you engage with the process more and help you get more out of it, given you'll be sitting in front of it anyway. Get the thermocouple and the CS roast monitor so you can annotate changes and help replicate roasts. I found preheat times, consecutive roasts and ambient temp caused variance anyway, by monitoring the roast and using your brain you will do a better job than a control box that does not use feedback. Set and forget sounds boring!
      Have fun


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        I've got a quest m3 roaster and very happy with it. Normally do 5 X 250g roasts back to back, @ 1-2 minutes between roasts. The roaster is very well built and will last a lifetime, bought a couple of spare elements for it at purchase. Have bean and met probes and roastlogger.
        I think it's @ the same price as a hottop but will outlast it, so worth a look at if you haven't already done so.


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          I also own a Quest. 12-13 minutes per roast, 1 minute in between. 180 g roasts that fit in a Mason jar. I'm measuring both bean temp and maximum environmental temp using an Amprobe and Artisan software.


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            I like the look of the m3. The hottop is ok quality but after taking down a few times I'll admit the quality is just fair, many of the screws tap into plastic and will wear. You need to take it down every so many roasts to clean. The filters work pretty well but are expensive to continually replace. Not sure how m3 compares here. The coffee tech was a big upgrade but a calculated decision. Built to last.
            Still glad to have the hottop and won't be selling it in a hurry, it's ok for backup.
            What I'm saying is - if you are roasting a few times a week, expect to get a couple of years out of it. Treat with care when cleaning. It seems to be a better roaster than behmor, but not better value for money.
            In terms of more expensive roasters - you get what you pay for. i'm a few years down the track with the torre and I think the cost was justified. M3 might be a good mid-way point.

            Back to the OP - answer is B.



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              Get the Hottop B

              Conventional wisdom is that the programmability of the P model is not really better. The result is that the B model is preferred, even though it is more manual approach. This makes sense to me - coffee roasting should be a hands-on experience. That is why I bought a Hottop B a year ago.


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                Thanks for all the feedback. The M3 looks sexy, but I've decided to go with the B + thermoprobe / datalogger mod. Hopefully this will be a good starting point to learn some of the ins and outs of roasting, profiling, etc.

                Big thanks to Mark @ Things Coffee / Pullman Espresso for sorting out my online store issues so quickly! Now that I'm waiting for shipment, I guess it's off to the Bean Bay for me


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                  I've had the 'B' for a few years now, its good - control over the T, fan & time end up with a good result. Have fun