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Gene Cafe needs minor repair

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  • Gene Cafe needs minor repair

    Last night I was about to roast a couple of batches, when I noticed that the small metal plate (under the lid of the canister) that stops beans but lets chaff pass through to the catcher, has come loose. I just put it in place and shut the lid, hoping for the best. Well, it worked OK but I was worried that beans would pass through to the chaff catcher. My question is: how do I fix it? Is it normally welded in (although it didn't seem to be) or is it glued in place with some kind of high temperature glue?

    I hope you can understand what I'm getting at.

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    Hi ajayro57,
    My Gene suffered the same problem which I fixed with a couple of very small self tapping screws.
    I had to pre drill very small holes for the screws first ,but I broke 2 drill bits doing so as the metal is very hard .
    It appeared to me that the plate had been spot welded on.
    Hope this helps.
    p.s. my Gene has done more than 1000 roasts with no major problems!!


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      Thanks Herbie. I'll try what you suggested.


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        Same problem here. i glued it back on with silicon that was heat resistant to high temperature. Sorry can't remember what temp. - Got it off a bloke at work. Help this helps.


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          Thanks Stephen. I check out that option.