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help needed regarding a coffee roaster

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  • help needed regarding a coffee roaster

    Hello friend,
    I would be happy if you could help me.
    My goal is to built a coffee roaster for home use produce max up 1 Kg and minimum of 250gr. I'm looking for the right steps to start doing it and looking for those who could guide me step by step.
    I have a coffee maching Rocket ECM Cellini and a grinder
    I think to start my project with making the drum, do you think I'm right on this, or should you recommend else.

    Thanks a lot! josef

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    A corretto setup will do what you need (maybe not quite 1kg), is tried and proven, cheap and easy. Lots of great info on this site, do a search.

    Not sure of the capacities of a KKTO, could be another option.

    No need to reinvent the wheel.



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      If you build a KKTO to the letter - it can handle a full 1 kg roast if the roast chamber volume is right
      But most people find the sweet spot about 750 grams - ( Build dependant )

      For almost a year now I have been roasting 1 kg batches as we consume it in a week



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        Hi Josef,

        The KKTO would be your best bet and best bang for your buck.
        There's a great level of satisfaction in building your own roaster with care and patience compared to buying something that's off the shelf.

        I can roast mine up to 900 gram batches, the volume of the roaster can handle more, just that the turbo oven is the limitation.

        700 gm is the optimal batch size in my roaster, same as mentioned by KK.

        I use mine to roast a couple kilos a week for the restaurant I work in each Saturday night.
        Three batches of 800 gm each done in an hour to produce 2 kilos allowing for weight loss during roasting.
        Whatever left over is for my own consumption.


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          Hi Josef,

          I have been building a roaster myself, and actually started with the drum and built everything else around it. My drum is made from a colander in which I modified, and only cost me $10 from Kmart. So it is defiantly a good place to start.

          Here are some photos of it.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByCoffeeSnobs1401875203.868367.jpg
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Name:	ImageUploadedByCoffeeSnobs1401875277.059306.jpg
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Name:	ImageUploadedByCoffeeSnobs1401875298.732676.jpg
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Name:	ImageUploadedByCoffeeSnobs1401875320.307679.jpg
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Name:	ImageUploadedByCoffeeSnobs1401875332.457275.jpg
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          I haven't quite finished it yet, but I'm pretty happy with it so far.



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            Very nice MartyMac


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              Looks very nice, well done.
              Have you been able to use it yet? if so how does it go?


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                Wonderful looking device MartyMac makes my Breville popper look ordinary to say the least
                Keep us all updated on the your roasts in due course!


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                  Bloody brilliant! VERY impressed!


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                    WOW MM - dropjaw homey kit!


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                      Incredible! I'm guessing your investment has been a bit more since that initial $10 colander? Please keep us updated


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                        Very nice work Marty. Congrats!


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                          Thanks guys.

                          Yeah coffeechris I haven't quite got it up and running yet, just have to sort out the electrics. Hopefully it will work as well as it looks. I will start a new post when it's done and talk about it in more detail.



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                            Can't wait!


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                              Oh and Caffeineholic you are right, it defiantly cost me more then $10. But surprisingly not that much more. I will talk more about it in my post.