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  • Behmor Plus Programme 1

    I am new to roasting and have a Behmor plus. I tried India Elephant Hills AA grade with some unexpected results. I tried -
    P1 100 grams A
    P2 100 grams B
    P4 100 grams D
    P2 100 grams B then manual override of 25% a little into first crack till the end.
    All roasted to around a CS9
    I was expecting both of the P2's to be the best as that is what most people seem to use.
    But I found after 7 days rest for each roast, I only liked the P1. Nice syrupy body and sweetness.
    The others were not nice at all.
    Has anybody else found that P1 works the best for them or am I doing something terribly wrong?
    Oh and I can't ever hear second crack. If I took the beans any further they would have been overdone. But that's another story.

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    I only liked the P1. Nice syrupy body and sweetness.
    Welcome to real home roasting!

    What you have found is often my exact point, you do this hobby to find what suits YOU and YOUR taste, no one else so I think asking if you are right is err... well... wrong!

    Do what works for you, your setup, environmental conditions and personal taste.


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      Hi Guys , I am planning to buy a Behmor Plus , and i am an ignorant at all of this , ...... questions : Is it easy enough to follow the instructions on the machine ??? ... I heard people talking about "temperature probes" and so on , does that mean i will have to buy other bits and pieces to get good at the home roasting ?? ..... i would appreciate any advice to the "complete novice" ...Thanks !


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        Very easy. Instructions are simple and if you begin with basics you can then play around with variables as you understand what you are doing.

        No need for
        probes unless you really want them but the Behmor let's you knew roast temp anyway.

        Pretty idiot proof I reckon!

        I was a little overwhelmed when I first opened the box and went to get stuck in, but take it slow, watch a few YouTube vids and you will be away.


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          Thanks hamo....always good to get some reassurance !