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Gene Cafe - Blade Spring Replacement

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  • Gene Cafe - Blade Spring Replacement

    Hi All,
    One of the Blade Springs (split ring that holds the chaff blade in place) in my Gene Cafe has broken, I have contacted Avacuppa and its not a spare they carry and I have been unable to locate it as a replacement part.

    The existing rings are 3 loops, the closest I can come up with appears to be 4mm stainless steel split rings (2 loops)that are used for fishing.

    Given that a replacement will need to withstand roasting temperatures, would these do? would the heat have any effect other than making them brittle? They come in packs of 100 so it wouldn't matter if they don't last more than a few roasts.

    Has anyone had the same issue and come up with a different solution?


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    I would just use the fishing ones, they are also often used in jewelry for charm bracelets.


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      Thanks muppet_man,

      I got some 5.5mm ones from the local tackle shop, he didn't have any smaller, which is a good thing, I don't think the smaller ones would have enough length to get them on. In hindsight I hope they last a very long time! fiddly little suckers to deal with. Note to anyone else who needs to do this - make sure you are in a confined space, if they escape they fly a long way.


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        They sound like Jesus Springs. As in.. pinggg!! "Jesus, where did that go?"


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          Thats it in one!